RB Photowalk organised by Adrian

After missing a few RB meets, either being too busy or too sleepy to get out of bed, I managed to go along to today’s one. Albeit an hour late, I managed to get there before we all moved along from the meet point.

I didn’t take many [different] pics but these are mine for the day. I don’t shoot macro, so I sorta stuck with portraits.



3 I walked over to ask this guy for a photo as I saw him doing jumps and stuff. I was in for a huge surprise when it turned out that I knew him and he once worked for me many years ago in Perth. Small world this is.



6 Here, I stopped down background light, and then added my own strobes (back and front – thanks Chris). Sorta like a portable studio out in the middle of the day :)

7 Adrian did a boo boo and his mrs wasn’t happy !

8 Jess always looking great

9 Waitress was hot!

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