Wisdom Teeth Pulled... Ouch

Wow… these wisdom teeth we have suck.
I had to get ALL 4 of mine pulled today!

I was super nervous going into the operation, never have been surgically sedated through an I.V. Before. But as soon as the drugs kicked kicked in, I LOVED THE FEELING. The light-headed feeling I got was enough to convince me I was going to be okay.

Then I was out like a light after a minute or two of trying to stop my mouth from drooling all over my face. I think I was laughing when I was drifting off to sleep… HAHA wow I can’t even remember, but I sure hope not: that would be so embarrassing! :D

I soon awoke an hour later with no sense of feeling in my face, including my tongue. HA I even slapped myself across the face and it didn’t hurt! I did however feel really weird with a numb face and cotton shoved between my cheeks and teeth.

They have been bleeding since 2:00 this afternoon! ITS NOW 9:30! When will it stop!?

Thank goodness I found someone to cover my shift for tomorrow morning! That would’ve been hell…

Hopefully I can recover fast for my soccer game on Saturday! Wish me…. good health!


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