2 thousand thanks

I am completely blown away by the wonderful feedback that has been given to me over the short time I have been a member of Red Bubble, it is quite overwhelming. It has also gone a very long way to bolster me up and keep those creative juices flowing.

Whilst I know we all need this to a greater or lesser extent, the majority of us need as much as we can get to keep it going, thus I must apologise for having been so slow to repciprocate. There are so many people with such great Art on this site to whom I want to express my amazement, but to date I have been remiss in putting the time aside to do so. I will try harder.

I guess ideally we should organise a massive barbeque where we can all get together for real, what a creative exchange that would be. It would make Woodstock look like a Teddy Bears Picnic!

Many, many thanks again to all,

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