its 12:30am

so its 12:30 am and I cant sleep so Im just saying hi to all and that there are some very talented ppl on here still have yet to get some feedback on some of my stuff I wrote theses poems awhile ago I find when your suffering its the best time to make art so much emotion comes thru and and whether your peices are to much to handle for some ppl they come out truly beautiful because you know they r real, they have real emotion real msgs and no matter how much ppl critisze u for the gore and shock of your artwork its because they havnt suffered the exact same way u have suffered ( at least thats how I feel and what I beleive lol), I beleive pain turns into beauty even if it seems like its never gunna end when it does u never felt better……. so thats my lil rant for the nte hope u enjoy lol
nite nite

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