Melinda Kerr

Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

The bookends of my day! Sticker $3.50
Heal Africa Sticker $3.30
My brain won't be joining us today Sticker $3.71
A simple solution Sticker $3.30
Letter M Sticker $2.47
africa team Sticker $2.47
Luna Park Sticker $2.47
I see dead pixels Sticker $3.09
I still believe in pixels Sticker $3.09
I believe in pixels Sticker $3.09
RGB Photographer Sticker $3.30
I'm Julian Assange Sticker $3.50
Why take a grey card when you can wear one? Sticker $3.30
Pipe Dreams Sticker $3.09
Me and my shadows Sticker $3.09
PC Hoodie Smaller Sticker $2.47
Photography Campus Sticker $2.47
JP Reversed Sticker $2.47
JP 1 Sticker $2.47
Photography Campus Sumo Sticker $2.47
It's not the third world it's our world Sticker $3.50
Star Photographer Sticker $3.09
Refreshing Sticker $2.47
For my Mum Sticker $2.47
Dude with a Clue Sticker $2.47
PC_Generic Sticker $2.47
PC INST REV Sticker $2.47
You had me at helvetica Sticker $3.30
Fill up on photography. Sticker $3.30
Joe Public Sticker $3.30
Bye bye George Bush Sticker $3.30
Bye Bye Bush :) Sticker $3.30
Mr Whippy...without the green sleaves... Sticker $2.68
Chocolate Sticker $2.88
Dude walkin' the dude dog Sticker $3.09
got you framed Sticker $3.09
GOT YOU FRAMED Sticker $3.09
300dpi Sticker $3.09
I love fonts Sticker $3.09
I'm afraid of apostrophes 1 Sticker $3.09
I'm still afraid of apostrophes Sticker $3.09
Before there was the iPod, there was the iDog... Sticker $3.09
doggies Sticker $3.09
Ice Cream t-shirt Sticker $3.09
Buck the trend Sticker $3.09
I love BW photography Sticker $3.09
I see pixels at the bottom of the garden Sticker $3.09
My brain won't be joining us today Sticker $3.09
War. What is it good for absolutely nothing. Sticker $3.09
Joe Public Sticker $3.09
SORRY - AT LAST Sticker $3.09
Peace Sticker $3.09
A quick sketch of my pup in her favourite position. Sticker $2.88
My dog visits the land of nod Sticker $2.88
Share the Load Sticker $3.30
Turn it around Sticker $3.09
No kids? This is the t-shirt for you... Sticker $3.09
NO PEACE, NO LIFE. Sticker $3.30
Skipping Girl Sticker $3.50
Skip, smile, giggle. Sticker $3.50
Joe Citizen Sticker $3.71
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sticker $3.09
Joe was great at charades. This one 2 words 'pyramid scheme.' Sticker $3.50
Joe Citizen II Sticker $3.50
Joe Citizen Sticker $3.30
walking off Sticker $3.30
Heal Africa black T-SHIRT Sticker $3.30
Heal Africa black Sticker $4.12
Heal Africa charity 1b Sticker $4.12
strolling down to the shop on a sunday morning Sticker $3.50
white plane, black t shirt. Sticker $3.09
Strolling down the avenue... Sticker $3.71
Office Politics unplugged Sticker $3.71
Puppy Love Sticker $3.09
I dream in helvetica Sticker $3.09
Office politics  Sticker $2.68
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