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Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


Sad news. Lyn Lusi co-founder of HEAL Africa died last night.

Hi Guys,
Red Bubble has been such a great place for me to raise money for the wonderful work of HEAL Africa, that I wanted to acknowledge here that sadly the co-founder of this wonderful Congolese organisation passed away last night from cancer.…

Just some brief facts about her life:

1. She was english and 62.
2. A few months ago she was awarded the world renowned Opus Prize. A $1 million faith-based humanitarian award given to people who make extraordinary inroads in to
areas consumed with social and political and gender violence.
3. She came to Congo in 1971 from England as a teacher and met and married Dr Jo Lusi a congolese born Doctor.
4. They had two children.
5. They founded HEAL Africa in the war torn eastern province – in an area deemed to be the ‘most dangerous place in the world to b

Jesus Loves on ;)

OK before you all think I’m trying to convert you, relax!
I just want to tell you a story.
I had the privilege recently of being in Shanghai for two weeks of work.
That meant a lot of time (weekends) spent pounding the pavement with my trusty Nikon.
There’s no shortage of photographic opportunities in China – Shanghai included.
The architecture is stunning, the China meets West images are intriguing…but the images I remember most are these ones. Why? Because of the story behind them.
Christianity in China is ‘tolerated’ – just. The regime is of course Communist which means it is atheist by decree. But a number of religious groups including Christianity are doing a fair bit of welfare work in this challenging country and the government knows it needs these organisations. Boy does it need them. P…

I'm going to Beijing. Any advice?

This time next week I will be in Beijing.
My big sister (ok she’s only 18 months older than me) goes to china for around a month at this time of the year taking short term teams to do voluntary work over there.

And she always heads to Beijing for a few days afterwards.

Anyway she’s taken pity on her poorer arty sister and said ‘if you can get here I’ll cover the accommodation.’ so many, many frequent flyer points later I’m off for a week ( it’s how we self employed travel:)

So two questions: where to shoot?
And also: anyone know any good tailors over there?


Who's up for a trip to Bendigo to see this amazing exhibition?

The time has come to take to the beautiful central Victorian town of Bendigo to see one of the finest collections of American photography you’ll ever see.

(Now who can complain about that?)

The Bendigo Art Gallery is hosting the awesome exhibition “American Dreams” – see more about it by clicking the video link above, with work by some of THE greatest American photographers ever.

This is one of those rare opportunities to spend time with the greats. Personally I can’t wait.

So I will be heading up to Bendigo next Sunday May 29 and I’d love anyone to join me. I know JR is keen and we think we might even catch the train. I think it’s around 32 bucks for the train fare.

Let me know by indicating your interest on this thread and I’ll keep you in the loop :)


Calling all Nikon shooters (oh ok and others!) i need some lens advice

Ok here’s the deal.
I had the 17-35mm 2.8 lens. Nice. Considered a classic.
I dropped it on my birthday. Bad. Considered a loser.
I put it in for an insurance claim. Good. Thanks goodness I’d insured it.
They approved the claim…but I had under insured it. Again, the loser word.
But they are giving me some money to buy another lens. Happy days.…

So, good people of rouge bubble. Do I…

A) buy the same lens?
B) buy the 14-24mm lens I have lusted after for many a day – remembering that landscapes, seascapes and enviro portraits are my thang.
C) buy the new 16-35mm f/4 which is s’posed to be good but is ‘only’ f/4 and dang it if that doesn’t throw me a bit BUT it is a good walk around lens and it’s cheaper and oh dear…see how tough it is being me?

What should I do? Anyone got these lenses? Please share

After careful consideration and much thought I'm sorry to say I'm...



There’s been a lot of crap going down here of late and I think it’s time to put up my hand and say…

I’m staying.

I’m staying because this is (one of) my virtual homes.

I’m staying because I’ve been here from the start and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to let narcissistic people drive me off my land.

I’m staying because every day I see beautiful artwork that goes up which makes me both in awe and inspired.

I’m staying because I need a bit of RB in my life and I’m convinced RB needs me (hehe).

I’m staying because I’ve raised enough money here to give 10 women life saving operations. That’s life saving.

I’m staying because I believe in fair play – which means if you play in the sand pit of a friend, you play by their rules.

I’m staying because I originally had a concern about the

Hi all. My business has an awesome photography training offer today

Some of you know I have a business called
It’s an online learning site for enthusiastic amateur photographers.

Anyway today (and tomorrow) I have an offer running through ‘Our deal’ – a group buying site here in Oz. The offer is here

For just 89 bucks you can get:

12 months membership to the here you’ll find over 20 courses presented by pro photographers about anything from how to shoot landscapes to how to shoot food, and how to shoot cars.

New courses are added every 6 weeks.


A 2 hour workshop with me :) learning how to better your photography by using your DSLR to it’s full potential (that is on manual not auto!) Classes will be run in Melbourne.


A $20 voucher from Ted’s Camera Stores (when spent on a purchase of $40 or more).

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait