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G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


How I convert (sometimes) from RAW to black and white.

I’ve posted this a few months ago, but I recently got a bubble mail from Nick who asked me about my B&W processing technique so i thought I’d post it again. It really is just an endless ramble (sorry about that!) but it does talk about one way i post process B&W. The other way is with the wonderful Nik plug in – Silver Effex pro.

I hope this helps :)


How to see your LCD screen in bright sunlight REVIEW: The Hoodman Loupe...

There’s been a post running in the Melbourne Forums about what you might buy yourself for a hundred bucks or less and starvingartist suggested a Hoodman Loupe.…

What the…you say?

A Hoodman Loupe…it’s a rubber device (careful you lot… :) which you place over your viewfinder so that you can more accurately check the quality of the image you’ve taken. Focus, clarity, colour etc etc. It now can also ship with an optional attachment which connects the loupe to the viewfinder which is perfect for cameras with a video capacity.

More importantly (and this is where it’s an absolute cracker) it cuts out the surrounding glare (like well, the sun) which otherwise forces us to try and shade our viewfinders with our hands so we can actually see a picture on it. For me – apart from my camera – it’s the

Another donation made to HEAL Africa!

Hi all, I’m stoked to say I’ve raised another 900 bucks for HEAL Africa due to photography sales (cards, calendars etc)…

That’s bought TWO fistula operations for two women in DR Congo and 2 small business start up loans for 2 women in Rwanda…


Here’s the receipt just so you know it’s all legit. As always feel free to contact HEAL Africa if you have concerns.

Thanks as always to the awesome people who bought the work. Especially Travis Easton.

Hey considering it’s free shipping on t-shirts on RB for 24 hours…fancy one of these??

Love and PEACE PEACE PEACE to all.


PS That makes 9 fistula operations – 2 mossie nets – 1 cataract operation and 2 business loans so far :) Thanks all and thanks R-bub x

For those of you who love Elly?

Have an Elly Christmas

CHRISTMAS CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee hee, Elly sums up everything about Christmas. Loyalty, love, companionship, faith, hope and most of all fun!!!!! Merry Christmas!!

And by the looks of it, over-indulging…

Elly’s made a lot of people smile in her time. Why not share the love :)

Here’s her in poster/larger format.

And with her mates :)

And my precious girl.

- Dog photography <p>- Africa photography

- Beach photography

- Black & white photography

To all of you who liked the photoshop tutorial...

Thanks heaps. I was blown away by the response so I’ll do more :)
In the meantime you can follow little tips etc on twitter.

Just follow ‘photocampus.’

Thanks again guys :)

And a special thanks to all you guys who said I could use your quotes as testimonials for my new site I’ll be launching. You rock :)

Photography Campus tutorial: How to use layer blend modes in Photoshop

Hi Guys.
Some of you may know I’ve recently started writing for DESKTOP magazine about all things photography and photography post production. I am ‘soon’ going to launch an on line learning portal (subscription based) called the Photography Campus which will have video tutorials about photography & videography by real live working professionals.

Anyway, I promised a few people that I’d put the articles up here once they’d gone to print. So here’s the November issues article:

How to use layer blend modes in Photoshop.

As creative folk, we have a wonderful knack of ignoring things when they get too technical.
For most of us, our left brain left years ago, tired of the lack of love and relentless mocking from its hyperactive sibling, the right brain.
It’s little wond

Just sold this little puppy...

I don’t normally write sales journals but just feel like it today.

Elly by Melly will be winging it’s way to dtoby in the US. He’s going to put it in his little boy’s play room. Cute.

Thanks all.


The beast has arrived...

Some of you may or may not know I am in the process of building the an online learning portal for photography & videography.
Well yesterday the beast with which a lot of the shooting will be done arrived.

It is matched by an equally large manual (groan) but fortunately my housemates boyfriend is a pro cameraman (yay).

So stand by for pictures that move :)

Just had lunch with Jo O'Brien and John Robb and Lucky V and Russell...

….got home – turned on my computer and…

saw I’d sold a t-shirt.

Is there some kind of algorithm in that combination of people that means I should have lunch with them more often?

Is it because a Polaroid of my Casper the ghost like complexion now adorns the RB walls?

Is there a link between crossing the river and selling more shirts..and finally…

What does algorithm mean anyway?

Great news for HEAL Africa!

Hi Everyone,…

Heaps of you have been really supportive of my pet cause HEAL Africa…putting up with me rambling on about it!!

Which I’m massively grateful for…

Anyway for your info…this is the current situation – Rwanda and Congo are as good as at war with Rwanda being the main protagonists (long and complicated story but suffice to say they encourage the rape and pillage of the land and people for minerals and they support the evil militias..) The world has turned a blind eye and by the world I mean the US…until now…I just got this email from them…

When their email says ’ Now we have evidence of the result of your efforts’ think of yourself…you too have made this happen…


The email:

Dear friends,

I know you have been tireless in advocacy for Congo over the past three
years. Now we ha

Tornado country!

Hi all. I was just on my way home from Yellowstone National Park, heading south to my brother’s house in Colorado Springs. I was in the car with his wife, Meg and daughter and son and a family friend. All of a sudden the clouds became inky black and the fiercest hail I’ve ever known started hitting (and cracking the windscreen). Stuck in a traffic jam on the i25 we looked out the window to see this…

Two minutes later it became this!

A tornado around 2 miles away or so. Fortunately we and it moved in different directions after a very tense 3 or 4 minutes.

Cool :)

$999.99 of work sold in one day on Red Bubble. Is this an RB record??

Let me tell you a story.
About something that has blown me away.
And I don’t want to embarrass Travis Easton by telling you this. I want to applaud him.…

Some of you know about the world’s most expensive card campaign.

This card is marked up 999% so that when people buy it for $33 or so the $30 mark up goes straight to HEAL Africa

Many of you guys have got on board and purchased this card and in its own right it’s raised around $600 +.

My thanks as always to JR who came up with the idea in the first place and Adrian Carmody who pushed it hard.

Well last night Travis bought the world’s most expensive card…as a framed print. Now in case the maths is as hard for you as it is for me, that means the mark up comes to $799.00

He then went on to buy this black and white as a framed print, the mark

FREE delivery on all African prints,cards etc until end of June.

Hehe I’m stoked…
Red Bubble has very very generously offered me the opportunity to sell my charity stuff with free delivery until the end of June.
My thanks to Peter who offered this and I am rapt to accept.…

For those of you who don’t know all my African work’s mark up goes to HEAL Africa…. Their website is here

They are in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo – Central Africa. Two years ago I was privileged to go their as a photographer volunteer and capture the visual stories of their work.

They live at the front line of the horrific war in Congo, the worst war since world war two. This war results in atrocities beyond belief, predominantly afflicted on women and girls who suffer the debilitating fistula from rape and early pregnancies gone wrong. This results in an internal tear which rend

They say there's going to be a fog...

On the weekend.
Classic conditions…Melbourne…Autumn…cold nights…sunny days.
Classic fog weather.
So I’m thinking…
I’ll get up at 5am tomorrow and head to the Dandenongs.
Hot take away coffee and toasted ham and cheese sandwich…
And beautiful shots of creeks and tree ferns in the mist.

That’s what I’m thinking now.
That may not be what I’m thinking when the alarm goes off.

But in case I am…any suggestions as to where I can go to get some good fog shots?

Writing an article interested in opinions - about Black and white TAKE II !

Writing an article for an on line photography magazine – early days but interested in feedback……

Educating yourself to see in Black & White

Before you become concerned with which is the best post processing process for conversion to black and white, you need to understand how to see in black and white first.

Essentially, there are five key things to look for.







The first of these, opportunity is somewhat dictated by the other four…the point is, not every scenario is an opportunity. That’s not meant to sound discouraging…rather it’s meant to ‘let you off the hook’ if you can’t quite crack the shot. You know what it’s like you went out to get THE shot and it didn’t happen.
Don’t sweat it, if the light’s not right, it ‘aint your night… (man s

Going to see Ross Zietz (art director from Threadless) speak Tuesday night.

A lot of you guys know about Well Ross Zietz art director of said company is speaking in Melbourne Tuesday night as part of the portable film festival. Threadless has over 1 million registered users and is one of the most successful online businesses in the world. It’s based on the members doing most of the work and it is a leader in t shirt design. Should be cool. Might write a review if I’m feeling sufficiently verbose :)

Thank you. Two more fistula operations paid for.

Thank you to those who have bought my work (here and elsewhere) in the last 6 months or so.
I have just donated the proceeds as promised to CNECPI who pass it on to HEAL Africa. The $700 raised goes to provide two operations for two women who are suffering from Fistula.…

A horrible affliction whereby they leak urine and feces constantly. This is most often borne out of direct rape or pregnancies that go horribly wrong – most often because the mother is too young to deliver (again rape is the real culprit).

The woman is usually thrown out of the village and left to die.

HEAL Africa in Goma Congo lives amongst these women and if they can get to them they help heal them and repatriate them in to society.

It’s awesome.

There’s 10’s of thousands of these women and girls suffering in Congo.


A tutorial on how to fix exposure problems in photoshop in 30 seconds.

Hey guys, ever taken a shot that’s:


You don’t want to put it on the wall but you do want to fix the exposure enough so you can print out a snapshot or send it to a friend?

Here’s a one minute tutorial I whacked together, that can show you how to do a quick and dirty exposure improvement – in just 30 seconds in Photoshop.

See whatcha reckon.

I've been getting around in the RAW

Now Jo O’Brien before you think I’ve done the Melbourne Group thing and got my kit off :) what I mean is…I’ve just done one of those on-line courses in Camera Raw (through an American site where you pay US $20 per month) – and it’s totally changed my B&W converting…
To anyone like me who used to almost bypass ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) in their post production – if you can find some tutorials do them. It’s cool. There may be some on You Tube I guess? Hey I might even write one and post it here…

Photographing the people of Flowerdale

JR and I have the privilege of photographing the great community of Flowerdale as they build from the ashes of the devastating fires (it’s a voluntary job),

Has anyone got any great advice about shooting environmental portraits? Or some websites we can get info from? I know there are some great environmental portrait artists here – RB has been a great resource…


JR and I are doing a voluntary job for the Flowerdale community.(At their request). We had to go up there yesterday to do a reccy.…

Wrote a few thoughts about that first moment you enter the fire zone:

Words never describe things well enough.

Perhaps it’s because they sit immovable on the page.

It seems irreconcilable when your thoughts are moving like a bullet train.

Such were my feelings when I entered the fire-ravaged zone for the first time yesterday.

Suddenly big statements like horrific, apocalyptic and overwhelming seemed small.

As in miniscule.

A bunch of letters swallowed up by the yawning blackness as soon as they were thought, let alone uttered.

The trees hung empty, the ground deserted and the air, so, so silent.
It’s as if Mother Nature had expelled herself of fury with such ve

Is anyone a member of an on line training library?

I pay US $20 a month to do photoshop and tutorial classes at
(I have no affinity with them).
I used to pay $25 US a month at They are a canadian company-there you can do training in every adobe, apple, open source etc program.
Again I have no affinity with them – I wish I did!
I’m just wondering if anyone else has any other paid on-line training libraries they’re a member of and what experience you have with them?

How do you know where to shoot in a new place?

You go away for the weekend to somewhere new.
You want to get some shots.
You don’t know the area and you’ve only got 2 days to shoot as well as attend to family and friends etc.
How do you know where to go? Where the sun sets and rises best? Do you spend the first evening doing a ‘reccy’ and only get one shot at sunrise and sunset?
Does it frustrate you?

Do you want to win fame and fortune??

Ha! Who can resist that heading!…

Ok here comes my disclaimer…I do some freelance writing for these guys

What that means is I can’t enter their competitions…so I blog about them here so at least someone I know can win…

Lot’s of RB people have won this site’s competitions before so why not keep up the good record!!

Here it is:


How about a total prize pool of over $20.000!!!
Olympus E-30 DSLR + 14-54mm Lens
PR,Marketing,Advertising and Promotional Package
Sponsored Travel Photography Assignment
Online Professional Photography Course……………plus much more!!


For more info go to

Or more specifically go here

And remember me…the bitter chick who wasn’t allowed to ente

Congratulations Annette...

Some of you guys will know I mentioned a competition here recently where you could win a Nikon D3 or a Canon 5D Mrk II well, a very clever guy did called Trent Mitchell……

But a very clever woman Annette from none other than RB (as well) won Members’ Choice and a special mention prize.

Well done Annette!

Also the wonderfully talented Sam got a finalist. No prize but major bragging rights!!

Also Naomi scored a finalist too :) Bragging rights to you too…

To see their winning work click here

There were over 2000 entries and only a few finalists. Brilliant efforts ladies.

Glad some of you got in to it.

There’ll be other comps I can’t enter (‘cos I do some work for the Photo Art Gallery ) so I’ll do my best to spread the word to you guys who can…

As always I add in the disclaimer I freelance to

Little bit of a stobist thingy...type...thing

Last week John Robb and I wandered in to Vanbar Imaging and wandered out with a pair of Bowens lighting triggers each.
So we can indulge in the mystery (at least it is to me) of off camera lighting.
I had my first crack at it tonight-yes another wild saturday night at home shooting self portraits……

So I just thought I’d whack ’em here in a thread…a great disappointment I know to the many of you who would love to purchase them…not.

I’m open to learning (as you can see!) But it is kinda fun.

My major disclaimer is that I had no make-up and had just crawled out of bed after being in bed all day with a migraine, which I’d say accounts for 80% of my Saturdays so…

Advice..pointers welcome.

Oh and a cure for migraines, which after 25 years of suffering them, I’m not holding out huge hope for.


'I am Australian' track to be available for download for bushfire charity donation.

Rarely am I first to know anything but…

If you like me had a bit of a tear in the eye when you heard Bruce Woodley and co sing ‘I am Australian’ at the bushfire relief aid concert (yes even I cried…and I am useless at crying at appropriate moments like that)…

…you’ll be pleased to know that today it will be announced that it will be available for download with all monies going to the bushfire appeal.

How do I know this? Well I know Bruce (ah yes soooo connected ;) and I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the mix already.

And yes I cried again….

Bloody woos-bag.

Anyway, I think that’s kinda cool.


Disclaimer: I do some freelance writing for these guys so I know ’em.…

What this means is I can’t enter this competition…so I figure I might as well let as many people I know, know about it! After all just ‘cos I can’t enter doesn’t mean you should miss out :)

(I have asked Peter (CEO of RB) about these posts and he’s cool for me to write them so long as I say my disclaimer which is fair enough…)


Red Bubble people have swept all the comps on this site before this so let’s make it an RB clean sweep again (I’m not a judge so i can say that!)

You’ll see some familiar faces there.

The site is called
They have a comp running until end of Feb called ‘Essence of Australia.’


The latest about helping the animals from the bushfire...

I passed on a request for animal help the other day in a journals post. Many people responded – bless you :)…

Here’s the latest…

(Also the RSPCA is looking for old sheets, bowls for water, food etc)…


We have been overwhelmed with the response to ourANIMALS IN NEED BUSH FIRE APPEALWith limited resources, responding to hundreds of phone calls and emails

has taken a considerable amount of time. It has been a wonderful effort by
everyone involved. Organising logistics and collating contacts has been and
still is a huge task.

Warehouse Holding Area for Goods:We would ask those of you who can help us further by delivering your own

collection of goods, to please drop off as follows – volunteers will be on
site to assist.


The latest request for the bush fire victims

Afternoon everyone, 
We have had an extremely sombre request today. 
Wallan Community Centre has put out an urgent request for suits. These suits are for families who have lost relatives, and also their homes, and need them to attend their relatives’ funerals. Any shape and size of suit is fine. 
If you have anything you would like to donate – please let me know. 
Kind regards,
Kristin Flanagan
Events and Communications Coordinator / Special Projects
E: | P:(03) 8615 2266 | M: 0458 372 765 
A: Level 2, 398 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 | W:






If there's anyone out there who can help look after a dog from the bushfires??

Hello all,…

Fun4Paws is currently offering emergency respite care to the animals
affected by the bush fires, however there are many more animals than we have

There are large numbers of owners with nowhere to place their dogs. If you
are able to offer a place to a dog in your home, please contact myself of
Lynne Fitzsimmons and we will coordinate.

Luke – 0415 104 044
Lynne – 0428 844 810 or

If you are interested please let us know when your home would be available
(dates) and if you have any other pets for us to consider when placing.

Dog Listeners Australia wide have pledged $1000.00 the assist in the costs
of food, petrol etc. so we hope that all costs of looking after a dog will
be covered.

Please assist us by forwarding this email on to a


Disclaimer: I do some freelance writing for these guys so I know ’em.…

What this means is I can’t enter this competition…so I figure I might as well let as many people I know, know about it! After all just ‘cos I can’t enter doesn’t mean you should miss out :)

(I have asked Peter (CEO of RB) about these posts and he’s cool for me to write them so long as I say my disclaimer which is fair enough…)


Red Bubble people have swept all the comps on this site before this so let’s make it an RB clean sweep again (I’m not a judge so i can say that!)

You’ll see some familiar faces there.

The site is called
They have a comp running until end of Feb called ‘Essence of Australia.’


Does anyone want to win a Nikon D3 or a Canon 5D Mark II?????

Disclaimer: I do some freelance writing for these guys so I know ’em.…

What this means is I can’t enter this competition…so I figure I might as well let as many people I know, know about it! After all just ‘cos I can’t enter doesn’t mean you should miss out :)

(I have asked Peter (CEO of RB) about these posts and he’s cool for me to write them so long as I say my disclaimer which is fair enough…)


Red Bubble people have swept all the comps on this site before this so let’s make it an RB clean sweep again (I’m not a judge so i can say that!)

You’ll see some familiar faces there.

The site is called
They have a comp running until end of Feb called ‘Essence of Australia.’


I made a book :)

For my folks for Christmas…If you click on it you can be taken to a preview…

Made it through Blurb – it’s a big glossy coffee table book.

Kinda personal journey type thing…

Red Bubble GIRLS AND BOYS take out (most of) competition...

Hey you know I do some work for this on line gallery

Well I’m not allowed to enter the competitions so I post them here in case you good folk would like to…

The results have come out today and some stars from here have taken out most of the prizes!!

FIRST PRIZE went to Adriana Glackin Awesome effort Adriana!

Second was John Robb…yes he did win the first comp (along with Cathy T) we may have to get him drug tested!

Third was John Conway.

The inaugural Gallery prize went to Luka Skracic.

And Jess Tremp and John Robb (yes HIM again) and Steve Lippis – also got special mentions…

Never let it be said I don’t try and help my fellow man/woman!

If you wanna check out their work it’s here

If you like I’ll post about their next comp which is coming up soon. I’m not allowed to tell but the prize is

Missing person - please help

Hi All

Happy New Year.

I used to work for an Ad agency called BADJAR (now called BADJAR OGILVY).

A woman who works there is the daughter of a woman who has gone missing.

You (Melbourne folk) may have seen it on the news.

Anyway, she through others has asked if people especially in the Geelong area could look at the following site.

The more people who see it, the more hope someone will recognise her.

Cheers and go and give your Mum a hug.


info website is here

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait