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G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


Cool competition-win from $1,500 of prizes

Hi everyone.…

Ok here’s my declared interest…I do some contract writing and consulting to this online gallery called the Photographic Art Gallery

They’re good people and great supporters of RB (they have a link to RB in their cool sites page on their site.) And I know for a fact they’d advertise RB comps to their members…if RB admin are cool about that, that is.

The reason I am posting about this here is ’cos they have a cool competition on at the moment and the last comp (their first one) was won by none others than Tracy Wallace Cathie and John Robb

With Steve getting a special mention and a nice prize to boot!!

I’m not surprised…there’s so many great photographers here…

So I hope you guys (RB admin) don’t mind if I mention there’s another comp on right now.

I just reckon they’ll be a he

Thank you Travis Easton-you star!!

The wonderful Travis Easton has gone and bought the world’s most expensive card

This is the card that is the ridiculous price of $30 odd – the profits of which go to HEAL Africa.

For those of you who have been following recent forum posts that’s ALL money beyond the cost price of the card.

This is an amazing idea that was first put forward by John Robb

It has so far raised an amazing $575!!

And I’ve said amazing twice so I must be serious…

For those of you following recent forum posts that’s ALL money beyond the cost price of the card.

Which is a bucket load for the people of Congo.

Travis is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant photographer.

Check this out…

And this…

How GOOD is this guy!

If I didn’t like him so much, I’d hate him…;)

Please check out his work…

In the meantime thanks Trav

New site gives prizes to RB'ers!

Hi guys. You may remember I mentioned a photo comp on another Gallery I am doing some work for…well some of you took up the challenge and the main winners were all RB people!!

John Robb and CathieT came equal first in one division… Picked themselves up a framed print to the value of 500 bucks…

Steve got an honorable mention. Scored himself a very very nice photographic book.

And Tracy Wallace got the gold in another division…Another print to the valued of 500 bucks.

Well done guys, proud of ya.

I couldn’t enter and no I didn’t vote…so I have taken it upon myself to show off for all of you… Hope you don’t mind :) Mel

Great photo comp...

Ok I ummed and ahhed about putting this up but……

First let me declare my interest…I have been doing some work for another photo on-line gallery (eek…gasp you say…)

Well my day job is as a marketing person and hey they pay me…(my night job is eating, having a roof over my head and being able to look after my wonderful pup)…

Anyway, that is my interest – they are a client.

I should say in my opinion I think their offer is very different from Red Bubble. No t-shirts, writing or illustrative or computer art JUST photography (or should I say photographic art).

Different price points, different set up etc. But they are Australian and they are having a crack. The site has been in development for four years and until I met them in May they hadn’t heard of RB – in fact I was the one who mentioned i

Red Bubble and price increases

Hi everyone. By now most of you know RB is increasing prices. Whilst I don’t intend this journal entry to be inflamatory, I would like to pose a question I posed in the journal thread RB announced this price rise in (it looks like that thread has now been locked…)

RB am I correct in reading your thread to say you have made cards and mounted prints at cost since their inception? So you have made no money on them…cards are $3 to make?

The reason I am posing this here is because unless I am mistaken, it appears to have been removed from the journal thread.

Some of my shots are about to disappear

Hi all.
Just to let you know some of my shots are about to be taken down from my Gallery as I am selling them on an exclusive license elsewhere.
Nothing against RB at all, I just have the opportunity to sell them as limited edition prints, so thought I’d accept the offer.

One of the shots is this one…

It’s had a fair few people favourite it so I’ll keep it up for a couple more days on the off chance people might want to buy it, after that it’s gone (from here) for good.

Cheers and thanks for Mr Whippy’s support.


LisaG and Jess . Two giving hearts, thank you...

I receive some wonderful comments on my work. But I know the comments are really about the people that work represents. The tireless souls who do the hard yards for all of us on the battlefront that is Goma, DR Congo.…

And that’s cool with me, ’cos they deserve it :)

But when people actually contribute to their cause with acts of love, make no mistake, they deserve the plaudits as well.

Take LisaG

Lisa is an enormously gifted writer who graces the pages of RB like a butterfly dances across a petal. She plants seeds of thought, gems of wisdom and delights in raising questions for us to ponder intermittently as we journey through our day.

She is what I call one of those ‘inside-out’ people. Before you see her face, you see her heart.

Then there’s Jess .

I haven’t met Jess but I reckon you c

Handsome man becomes major benefactor...

Adrian Carmody the unbelievable talented photographer known for his unique ability to stay focused in mosh pits has turned his hand to philanthropy.…

No that’s not stamp collecting but giving money to those who need it for no other reason than well, they need it.

He’s already joined the hall of fame by buying the world’s most expensive card

But oh no being a great bloke isn’t enough for our Adrian. He’s just become an awesome bloke by buying three more.

Let me tell you what that means. It means people get a chance. A chance to be healed, nurtured and loved. A bit of heaven in hell. Congo and Rwanda are under fire people are suffering ’cos they were born in the wrong part of the world.

If you think $30 does nothing you’re wrong. It does everything if you consider love everything.

And man ca

The crisis in Congo is escalating. Please sign this petition to stop war rapes and torture.

Global Call for Action


Hi I hope you guys can take the time to read this and act on it. International pressure is the only hope they have. Below is a petition to encourage Governments and the UN to stop the torture going on in Congo right now. Please please consider signing it. It will give them heart when they have nothing else.

October 30, 2008 || Goma, Congo -
The 10-year civil war of the Democratic Republic of Congo battle has taken a turn for the worse this week, as fighting between several warring groups rages outside the city of Goma, long a safe haven for refugees of the war. The war has killed approximately 5.4 million people since 1998, and tens of thousands of women and many children have been systematically raped by warring groups. Today, a

Calling all Americans with heart and Australians

I know you’re out there.
Some of you may know of the emergency situation happening in Eastern Congo right now. The town I was in last year is under seige and so are people I know and love. I know it’s such a downer to hear these things but I have to be an advocate.
The fight is over minerals – you may have seen the movie "Blood Diamond?’ . Well this is very accurate but just replace Diamonds with Coltan-the mineral used in mobile phones and some computers. Following is an email from the head of HEAL Africa I received 10 minutes ago. Then there’s a letter our American friends can copy to send to their congressman and US companies such as DELL/Apple/ Hewlett Packard. Please please please……

Dear friends,

Please be reassured for all of us. We have woken up safely. After a night of shooting in th

Handsome pop star buys World's Most Expensive Card!!

Yes good people of this world……

The charming and oh so sexy Adrian has gone and bought the world’s most expensive card overnight.

This card gives money to the people of Congo who are doing it really tough right now. Overnight there is a chance the rebels will have taken Goma the town I was in last year, where HEAL Africa is. It saddens me more than you could know.

But what delights me is people like Adrian who aren’t just moved by the stories they move to action.

Adrian is known to be largely nocturnal, and spends much of his time crawling along stinky pub floors and hovering backstage to get awesome shots of bands and groupies. His work isn’t standard, it’s beyond that. He captures the heart and soul of rock and roll showing a precise and empathetic eye.

Which when you think of it, is a

I know you guys must be sick of hearing about Congo but...

I try to tell as many people as I can……

It is crisis point in Goma where I was last year. The unthinkable is happening and the rebels look like ‘taking’ the town. This is where the Hospital is. I cannot believe the staff are staying on, the repercussions are unthinkable.

If you are in the states you can write to your local congressman..

This is the email I received around 10 minutes ago from HEAL Africa…

The thing that stills wows me about them is their call to pray for the enemy too. They’re pretty amazing people.

Dear Friends of HEAL Africa,

There are unfortunate updates since yesterday regarding the situation in Goma. All the international volunteers and staff have been evacuated to Kigali, Rwanda, due to a surge made by Nkunda’s CNDP rebel group towards Goma. They are said to be fighti

Thanks! Please read :)

Thanks to Dani Di Cesare who bought a card of The Truth in record time! I’d only uploaded it 2 minutes before! The situation in DR Congo is at crisis point. I have received 4 emails just today telling me HEAL Africa itself is under huge pressure as the rebels are marching on Goma along with tens of thousands of displaced, frightened people. Only the UN is keeping the rebels at bay at this point but no one knows how long this will last. Many people are in the Hospital with gunshot wounds. So thanks Dani, you’re gift has made my day :)

I have a dream

ok so here it is.
I would like to raise enough money to go back to Congo & make a doco about what’s happening there. Particularly to the women.
I would welcome any advice about fund raising or sponsorships. Any companies out there want to donate a camera!? Come on RB feel like sponsoring a photojournalist :)
All funds raised here will now to towards this task. Hard to get there on $1.50 profit margins.
I can write, shoot, edit & market ( ing ) but can I raise money? Hmm…

How short are pygmies?

No it’s not a bad joke…

It’s one of the most asked questions I got on return from Congo.

So here’s a shot.

I’m 5 foot 6 and a half.

PLV you better not go anywhere near them!!!

I just donated $1,320.00 to HEAL Africa and Hand Up Congo.

Well at last.…

It gives me great pleasure to announce (virtual drum roll…) that as a result of selling cards, prints, t-shirts, photos, caps etc etc etc I have raised and just officially donated 1,320 smackas to HEAL Africa and Hand Up Congo.

Many of you guys know I’ve been doing this for the last year after traveling there with an AID Group as a volunteer photographer.

I’m stoked that I have been able to pay for 3 fistula operations (did anyone see the doco on the ABC last night?) – this will directly affect three women whose lives have been shattered by war rape. If the operations work they will be able to return to their villages an ‘equal’ citizen (well equal for a woman).

The money will also go to restoring sight to a Congolese woman with severe cataracts and there was enough left ove

I have some calendars for sale :)

This ones for me :)

And these three are for charity. HEAL Africa.

A number of these shots have won national awards and been published (blush) at least one is to appear in the Compassion & Courage book. So if you feel like giving to those in need and enjoying some nice photography (double blush)…well you know how it goes. Peace :)

I am a fraud...

Ok ok I know you already know I work in advertising and thus the description fraud is not totally unexpected (although I could get into an argument with you about that…)…

…but I’m afraid I have to write one of those retraction type thingys…

You see recently I uploaded this

An image of, as I worded it, Dromana Pier

Problem is…

it’s not Dromana Pier. It’s actually a small pier at Sorrento.

I realised this unfortunate geographical error when the lovely Vixen wrote such on my comments list.

And so I was exposed (which by the way is a sparky little photographic pun…)


So now I am post rationalising it as a lateral naming convention which mixes the truth with the er…not so truth thereby morphing into a strange new reality and leading us to a parallel dimension – like that big round, machi

Melbourne & Victoria prepare to hate me. I have a massive problem with _some_ of the Aradale shots...

Been wondering whether to say anything……

but seeing as we’re into self expression and all…

I have spent a lot of my life caring for a member of my family with mental illness.

It’s bloody hard hard work.

But I do it because I love them.

And more importantly I respect them.

Herein lies the drum…

I would like to formalise my sadness at some not all of the photos taken at Aradale last weekend.

Guys this was a place of torment, horror, misguided judgement and ultimately whether or not deliberate, a place of inhumanity.

The people who lived here had souls, fears and sufferings. That precious few understood and precious few still understand.

In my opinion the parody displayed is some shots is really disappointing. Man it’s tough enough for people with mental illness it REALLY is. It can’t be seen

Yesterday was a good day...

Firstly I want to thank the gorgeous Lisadee for purchasing a mounted print of Mr Whippy.

I’m stoked that with so much great art on the Bub you stopped my my little offering and bought a shot. Really stoked thanks so much. If you haven’t seen Lisadee’s gorgeous illustrations please please check ’em out.

Then the lovely Hop emailed me to say I have two items accepted into the ‘Courage & Compassion’ book.


Didn’t expect that!

So I’m really chuffed and humbled and all that stuff. Especially ’cos I got in a piece of writing and a photo

Thanks heaps.

Not very humble of me to tell everyone I know…blush…sorry ’bout that…

Advice on scrims, reflectors and diffusers.

I’m shooting some stainless steel furniture in a nursery on Sunday (scary paid job)…and I won’t be using any lights. So I thought I better play it safe and get a scrim/reflector and or diffuser (if it’s not obvious by now I don’t know what I’m talking about…)
Can anyone give me some basic idea of what I should get and where I should get it?

Been a tough few weeks…be gentle :)


Guys it’s been a year here. And it’s been unreal. But due to a number of reasons I’m taking a sabbatical.

Cheers all

Camera possibly for sale. Advice needed.

Hi, I am wondering what is a fair price to put on my fantastic Nikon D200. It’s just a year old (well a year and 2 months) – great camera – cost me around $2,300 I am also (maybe) selling the battery grip that goes with it (which holds 2 batteries) oh yeah and of course the two batteries and recharger.

Why? Well I love an idea of the Nikon D3…

If you want to look at the quality of this little puppy check out my folio….

I'm going to the big PMA conference in Brissy

PMA Australia 2008 Imaging Technology Show

The Southern Hemisphere’s largest photographic show is an event not to be missed by photo dealers, photographers, graphic designers, signmakers, government officials, marketing executives and enthusiast photographers. It will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Southbank , Brisbane May 30 – June 1, 2008.

Hee hee

More beautiful souls at RB purchase world's most expensive card!!!!!!!!

What can I say?
I go to sleep, I wake up and 4 more exceptional artists have parted with their cold hard cash to purchase the ridiculously overpriced world’s most expensive card (WMEC)!!
Well hopefully we all know now – to support the people in Democratic Republic of Congo for whom the price of the WMEC is their monthly wage (if that).
Women who suffer serious sexual assault, little blokes who get dragged into militias before they’re 10, people who need medical care from bullet wounds and attacks (no matter what side their on) etc etc.
I’m floored by the generosity and care people are demonstrating from all over the world. You guys humble me, seriously you do (and if you’ve ever met me, that takes some doing :)
Ok, so who are these life savers?
Well let’s start with none other than RB’s in…

Where the money goes...

Hi folks.
As you may know some ace people here on the bub have kindly indulged me by buying the world’s most expensive card of late (WMEC). An initiative started by the lovely John Robb to help raise bucks for HEAL Africa.
I’m stoked to say $240 has been raised so far!!!!
Anyway, I got the following newsletter in the mail this morning (it keeps me up to date with what’s going on over there).
The opening story is the following.
It reminded me why even when I’m tired and can’t be bothered it’s worth giving, time, money and heart.…

So for those of you who wonder where the money goes, well it goes to people like this…

Title: ‘A conversation with the women from Moba…

Eleven women, aged 17 to 44 years old sat in a semi circle. All of them from the same area of Congo named Moba. Away from home for t

Another handsome man with a heart of gold

What have I done in my life to allow me to be surrounded by such spunks?
You know those rare people with devilishly good looks and beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, sweet, sweet hearts?
Who knows but whatever it is I’m rapt.…

Yep, you guessed it, another hottie has joined the group ‘Hi my name’s handsome and I’ve just purchased the world’s most expensive card.

For the earth’s most precious commodity.

It’s people.

Joining the illustrious brigade of exceptional dudes is one….Mr Mark German…

Yep Mr Smooth himself.

Marky Mark bought this now famous (infamous??) card for the let’s face it absurd price of 30 bucks…

Why? Because he wants to help people he’s never met live lives they never dreamed of.

The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And the exceptional charity HEAL Africa

People must ge


Ok, so this group is almost deserving of it’s own, well, group.…

The description would go something like this:

’A unique group, this collection comprises some of the finest and most innovative photographers on earth. Spanning genres such as music, wildlife, exotic landscapes, sports, photojournalism, king charles cavalier spaniels and the unusual but rapidly emerging modernist style – sitting on derelict chairs on tram lines, these artists push boundaries to breaking point (or as in the case of the tram lines braking point).

As generous as they are with their wondrous creativity, so too are they giving of heart. All artists have joined the radical movement Purchase the most expensive card on Red Bubble in order to support HEAL Africa. A charity supported by the mysterious, mischievous, mes

Ha ha CHICKS rule!!!!!

Yes, I know it’s me again.…

That annoying blonde chick who bugs you all with charity stuff!!!

Hee hee.

Well you all know that the most handsome men on RB have been supporting my sale of

the “world’s most expensive greeting card” for HEAL Africa.
Well I am delighted to announce arguably one of the spunkiest chicks on Red Bubble, sizzling, sensational Sarah Moore

has jumped aboard and purchased a card as well.

Seriously, these guys and girl are beautiful. From the soul up.

Sarah says on her wonderful site (please check it out it’s exquisite) that

‘I am a woman with a passion for beauty and life’

None of us.

NONE of us could deny that.

I really want Sarah to bask in the sunlight. What she’s done matters.

And so does she.



Mr Craig Goldsmith

Our own english rose Timothy


I've uncovered an incredible fact!!!!!!

Come on Jo-Jo get this on the feature page ;)…

This is a story that needs to be told.

I now have had four generous top blokes by my ridiculously expensive charity card…

For the bargain price of 33 bucks!!!

Why a bargain?? ’Cos $33 may well (in fact probably will) save a life.

Like, well this little fella…

Because as we know all revenue goes to the ace folk at HEAL Africa (

Now here’s the INCREDIBLE FACT!!!

All the guys who’ve bought this card through the unbelievable goodness of their own hearts happen to also be the BIGGEST SPUNKS ON THE BUBBLE!!!!

Yes!!! You heard me right!

We already know JR The terrificaly taught Terminator

Tim charming charismatic Chairman

Paul (PLV) the perfectly preened Pirate


They have been joined by

Classy Craig Golds

Paul Louis Villiani - a big guy with a bigger heart.

You guys already know Paul Louis Villiani PLV is an awesome bloke…

With a keen sense of head fashion. (And the best name for an artist. Ever).

But like all awesome blokes…

The Terminator JR

And the chairman Tim

he has the ability to surprise.

Such was his feat today.

Yes PLV has joined the illustrious pair of noble gents above to purchase a card for…$33 buck.


Of this…


Well I’d like to say it’s because of it’s artistic merit (hee hee)…

But seriously…

It’s because the money raised goes to HEAL Africa…to help people like these…

And why do they need help?

’Cos the live in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Where things like this And this

Oh and for the women…this

Why do I write this stuff?

Not because I want to make you sad.

I want to make you happy knowing there’s somethin

If this doesn't make the feature page I'll leave...

Wow, them’s fighting words…
Let me explain first.…

Today I was sitting at my desk trying to stay awake when a bubblemail arrived from John Robb

Now this is a man you don’t mess with. Looking somewhat like a cross between the terminator and a communist dictator in his avatar, John commands presence. When he says click, you jump. Or jump, you click, or click click…oh you know what I mean.

So I jumped and clicked and then thought…actually it would be alot easier just to open the bubblemail…

It read…

Mel, Could you do me a favour? Could you mark this up with a 999.99% markup? Thanks in advance. JR

(This being this )

So I jumped and clicked again.

After apologising for landing on Jess the slumbering border collie…

I did as I was told. (Oh I do hope my parents read this….)

I said I DID AS I WA

Time to help

Most of you will know a plane crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Goma yesterday. DR Congo planes are banned from flying in Europe because they are so unsafe. Add to this the fact the Goma ‘tarmac’ is significantly covered in lava and potholes it’s any wonder any planes take off at all.…

The plane skidded along the runway and crashed into a neighboring market.

The poverty, devastation and horror of this war torn country are frustratingly hard to describe. And where words fail, photos I fear do little more to communicate the mess that is Goma.

As a communicator, I despair at my inability to convey the context in which these people live. The smells, the crowd, the fear so palpable the visions appear ironically clearer upon closing one’s eyes at night.

How do I convey the mess? T

Please send prayers for Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Hi. Many of you know Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo is close to my heart. In fact I was there this time last year.
Overnight (Aus time) there was a terrible plane accident at Goma airport. A third of the runway is covered in lava making it one of the most unsafe places to fly in the world. This is a poverty stricken, war torn country.
The plane came down a mile from HEAL Africa (the charity I and some of you have generously supported during my time at RB).…

I just received this email this morning…

Bridget Nolan just spoke with Harper McConnell at HEAL Africa in Goma. All the people we know are accounted for which is a reason for thanksgiving. Please pray for the staff of HEAL Africa. They are treating 100 people who were brought from the scene of the accident. According to news rep

Please read this tonight...

This is my friend Rebecca Zachariah

Some of you will know that Bec (Dr. Zachariah) and I shared a room on an Aid trip to Congo and Rwanda last year.

It was my first trip to a dangerous area and I came to realise the courage and persistence volunteer aid ‘trippers’ need to survive these journeys.

It’s scary, hard and rough living. And needs to be completely funded by the volunteer.

Having Bec as my roomate was awesome because it was her fourth Aid trip.

Yep fourth. AND she’s 10 years younger than me (something she likes to remind me of more often than not!)

Bec will hate me saying all this because she’s not one who’s comfortable with praise but…

She came to Australia when she was I think 16. English was not her first language. She stayed here by herself, got through school and achieved r

Well my time as a handsome man is over...

I’ve been getting around the place as this bloke for the last 24 hours…

And it’s been a hoot.

I’ve been accepted into every bar and pub in town with a nod and a wink.

Feted by politicians (I’ll get back to you Kev…)

Applauded at supermarkets.

I even had someone ask for my autograph.

Some people ran and hid but I think we all know who they are.

Alas, I need to hand this beaming scone (face to all our OS friends) back now. To it’s real owner. A bloke we know, love and laugh at for all the right reasons.

We want to see it around a lot more.

It’ll always be welcome on my screen.

And as we’ve established plenty more watering holes throughout Melbourne.

If anyone would like to lease it contact it’s owner

Say Darren II sent you.


I reckon I look hot!!!

In recognition of the fact our own handsome Dazzler Stones has been asked to remove his avatar (from another site) because people find it offensive…yes offensive…

See here

I have decided to try it ‘on’ for a whole day.

And may I say it feels rather nice.

Snug, warm, sensitive and flexible…with a strong scent of VB…

Not at all offensive.

What’s more it’s prone to calling out ‘Carn the Bombers…’ sporadically.

Something I’m not entirely dissapointed with.

Nah I’m very happy with it.

I even got a wolf whistle.

Albeit from a wolf.

They’ve got it wrong over at that other site.

I might just go over and tell them.

As Darren of course.

Now THAT is bound to offend them.


I hate GST...

So so much.…

I am sitting here trying to get my company accounts to balance.

I have more hope of getting an elephant and an ant to balance.

(On a see-saw that is).

See I can’t even do jokes.

I hate GST.

So so much.

I’ve walked the dog…twice, just to get away form the computer.

I drunk two coffees.

So now I can’t even sleep although my accounting is pushing me close.

(My dog however is exhausted and off to the land of nod).

Why did I ever start my own business??

Oh yeah…office politics…I hate it…

Oh for a bit of…

in my life…hmmm and what’s peace without…

To think just two weeks ago I was in


And could it be almost 12 months since…

The aid trip to DR Congo and Rwanda??

Maybe a quick stroll on the beach…

Grab an ice cream…

Take a seat…

Jessie!!!!! Wake up mate… we’re off…ag


Sold my first poster!

It’s the first thing bigger than a card I’ve sold (except for a small laminated print…)


It was my birthday yesterday

And I spent it in a jet lagged haze after returning from Colorado where I’d been for family and work.
I thought I might announce it on the bubble as I was dearly in need of love, light and happiness from people I barely know (and some I do). But I didn’t ‘cos I knew you’d see through my cunning plan.
Logging on today I see the lovely Rebecca Zachariah and Sports Photographer superstar John Robb had left me happy birthday messages. Awwwww. Noice. Thanks guys. So now I sit back and bask in the glow that someone remembers me. Happy Easter everyone. Blessings to all. Zzzzzzzzz xCowgirl.

Well I'm off

Off to Colorado Springs on Thursday. So I’ll have to get a bit of Wild West photography happening!

And snow shots.

Be fun to be an ‘American’ contributer to RB for a while.

Off to the US

Yep (most likely) heading to Colorado next week to work with a client who is on the cutting edge of new marketing/ communication processes.

I’m hoping it will fill my brain with lots more clever, inventive, now now now processes.

Is that sad? :)

I need a favour :)

If anyone or everyone :) can help me that’d be unreal…

I have a design in the running at Threadless – which is a US based t-shirt site that puts designs up for the public vote.

If you get voted in a limited edition of t-shirts gets made and well, I get a little bit of money and a lot of happiness in my heart :)

Thing is..well…ah….I need people to vote. Or score as they call it. 5 out of 5 will do nicely!

If anyone has the time could you go to link

and vote.

I’d be so rapt.

Hee hee.

Melly :)

In Desktop Magazine this March

I’m totally stoked. I have another photo essay in Desktop magazine in March and I’ve just seen a preview of it.…

This one is about D.R. Congo. It’s release has coincided with the co-founder being here in Melbourne. What an inspiring woman.

Anyway, here’s the words I wrote to go with it followed by the pics. My heartfelt thanks as always to the great editor Jo Spurling. Oh and of course I included the Red Bubble profile at the end :)

In May 2007 I visited the Democratic Republic of Congo as a volunteer photojournalist.

Based at HEAL Africa in Goma, I lived at the coalface of insanity that is this troubled country. Surrounded by warring militias, Goma exists on the precipice of hell, barely protected by UN forces.

This area is considered ‘lawless’ as the various militias roam the countryside

Four shirts sold.

This is not a gloat. It’s is a dance of joy.
I’m humbled to be Australian today.
Congratulations to our indigenous brothers and sisters.
And to all those who have the courage to say sorry and the grace to forgive.
Compassion, empathy and forgiveness.
The three best things ever.
What a bloody ripper of a day.

HEAL Africa announcement

You guys will know I invited all females on RB to take part in a fundraising HEAL Africa lunch on Feb 14th. The female head of HEAL will be talking about what we can do about violence and abuse towards women in central africa.
Well sadly not enough people offered to come so I couldn’t get a table together.
I’d like to thank the 3 people who showed their interest. Thanks for your caring.


Protest @ Palais starting 5pm Thursday 7th Feb (and march to St Kilda Town Hall)sign the petition

This journal entry is about a place very close to my heart.

St Kilda.

Artistic, eclectic and wonderfully, culturally Melbourne.

Or at least it always has been.

In recent years greed had extended it’s ugly claws and seen many classic shops have to close their doors due to exorbitant rent.

And now the Port Phillip Council is getting in on the act.

The Council is in the process of approving a revolting retail and nightclub development in the area colloquially known as the St Kilda Triangle. Residing next to the landmark Palais building the triangle is prime, crown land – public land sorely in need of cleaning up. The locals want community space. The council however is set to

Got a shot in The Age - Saturday

Just when I needed to buy a new camera bag I managed to win one in the Age Travel weekly competition!
Every week The Age calls for your favourite travel shot with a 100 word description. Thought I’d give it a crack :)

Larger version of shot here

Doing my first series - interested in some feedback :)

Bit of a pipe dream to have an exhibition one day.

This series is of St Kilda/Elwood icons. For people not from Melbourne, St Kilda and Elwood are neighbouring inner city beach suburbs. Around 8 kilometres from the city. I live in Elwood, 400 metres or so from the beach.

ICON Series

Here’s another one

Red Bubble saves lives...AN ANNOUNCEMENT

No kidding.…

It’s official.

It is with great pleasure that I announce between sales on an American site and sales through Red Bubble I have achieved my financial goal of raising enough money to…….drum roll…

pay for the training of a nurse for a full year at HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$450 will do it.

And $450 is what I have.

Now here’s the thing.

You guys…yes you guys made this happen.

I have only ever sold one small laminated print on the bub so that’s an awful lot of cards and some calendars!!

I really want you guys to realise this has been a collaborative effort. That’ what I wanted. I wanted you to have ‘ownership’ in the process and the result. So all those who bought stuff can feel like you are putting this person through the y

Can someone please make me look hot?

Hmmm. Strange title.
But you see the thing is this.
There are a number of collaborations that go on on the bub.
And the result is generally chicks looking ravishing.
Jessica Tremp, Lisa German, Kristy, Kirsty (most people whose names begin with K) Helen, and of course the ubiquitous Jo O’Brien (I’m sure you’ve seen her around here somewhere.) Even the blokes get the treatment. Michael, Chris W, Marky Mark German, PLV, John Robb lots of others. Crikey, even Paul Vanzella strikes a pose albeit not always clothed.
My point is this.
Though I know these people. No-one…er…how shall I put it…
Well no-one’s made me look hot…
I mean, I know it’s a challenge but with photoshop….
What are you saying?
Not up for a challenge?
Alright, not up for a challenge on monumental proportion?…

Darren should I be putting th

I want people to play!!!!

Come on Melbourne people. Play this
It’s 42 degrees for crying out loud.
It’s not like you’ll be sleeping or anything.
Well unless you have airconditioning.
Like me.

Mwah ha ha ha…


Ok Ladies, here's your chance to hear the head of HEAL Africa speak.

Hi everyone,…

Most of you will know I sell my work to help HEAL Africa. A place I and fellow RB photographer Rebecca Zachariah visited last year.

Well the (joint) head & founder of HEAL Africa is coming to Melbourne to give a talk and a charity lunch is being put on. Bookings are now open and it’d be unreal if we could get some RB chicks there. It’s a ladies lunch (before you blokes complain – it’s not my idea – just the way it is).

$55 for lunch and the talk. $10 goes to HA (unfortunately the rest has to go to the restaurant.) This is a rare opportunity to hear from the founder of one of Africa’s and certainly DR Congo’s most respected charities. Who knows you might feel like visiting it one day!

I have tried to include some info here but I’m not sure if it will be legible.

You can find o

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