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G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


My turn to say Merry Christmas...

Well you guys, finally I have a chance to ‘pen’ my best Christmas wishes to you all.
I don’t know where to start in saying thanks to you lot. I discovered RB by accident one day and it remains a highlight for the year. I have learned so very much from the great artists on this site and also managed a humble foray into raising money for charity. Without the support here I don’t know what I would have done. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had the nerve to enter and come second in the Australian Photography Awards, have two photo essays published and join in a group of mad, melbourne photographers who’ve started a club for crazy clickers such as myself. Christmas is about the birth of a bloke who lived for nothing but peace, forgiveness and love. I hope all those enter your lives this Christm…

This is a seriously hot competition.

Ok guys so it’s Christmas. It’s my turn to say thanks to everyone on RB who’s supported me with great comments this year and especially those who’ve bought stuff from my folio. I can now officially say between RB and a US based site I am more than half way towards paying for a nurse to be trained for one year with HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Which is awesome. Keep buying though, we’re on the downhill run!!
Some of you might know I was profiled in a brilliant photographic magazine called
Photo Review Australia Well Don Norris the Editor has asked me to nominate another bubbler who deserves an article to be written about them and their craft. We are talking at least two pages of a national magazine!
The pressure’s too much there’s too many good artists here…so….
here’s the…

What's happening with HEAL Africa in DR Congo RIGHT NOW

Hi all,
Lots of you have become interested in the charity I support through RB called HEAL Africa. I thought I’d copy the latest from their blog.
The first bit is written by one of the directors based in the states. The second bit is written by Lyn Lusi-one of the founders. She is the one speaking at the lunch I’ve written about previously. This is where Rebecca Zachariah and I were in April.…

Where in the world is HEAL Africa staff?

We thank you for your support for the programs of HEAL Africa during this difficult time. Yes, the violence is worse than it’s been in many years around Goma and North Kivu. We wonder, when will it end?

Yet the staff has chosen to continue to work in spite of the hazards. They’ve asked for prayer. We just got this from Lyn Lusi, Program Manager in Goma. It tells

From RB to BB

Hi everyone, I have been asked by the handsome and dashing Darren Stones to promote this journal entry on one of…well…my journal entries.
So as I always do what I’m told, go here
And read how one guy wants to go from RB to BB (Big Brother)…tell him Daz and Mel sent ya…


Thanks to whoever bought this

From the looks of it someone in the UK.
Hope your Christmas is as good as this pup’s is going to be :)

Ok so here's how to get a calendar

Some of you generous people have offered to purchase a calendar and I’m really really grateful.
Some great people will benefit from it I promise.
So here’s the deal.

I f you put let’s say $35 into my PayPal account (the extra $5 to cover postage) and shoot me an email at when you have, telling me what calendar you want, I’ll organise it. My PayPal name is
Oh you better tell me your address too.
Gotta tell you guys-I know it risks sounding corny-but these people live on one buck a day. Can you even begin to understand what this will mean to them? Thanks heaps.

PS (THere are three to choose from).

This is a hard story to read and a tougher one to live...please read it anyway..It's the most important thing I've written on Red Bubble.

Many of you guys know my passion for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda after visiting there as a photojournalist in April and May this year.…

Much of our time was spent at HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma, in the eastern province known as South Kivu.

South Kivu is considered ‘lawless’ as the various militias roam the countryside and villages quite literally raping and pillaging. I say various because there are many. One consists of the remnants of those who slaughtered their fellow Rwandans 13 years ago, another is from Robert Mugabe’s private army (think ‘Blood Diamond’ – that’s their style).

Yet another is secretly supported by the Rwandan government who are lured by the promise of diamonds and more land.

You see D.R. Congo has the most natural resources of any cou

My calendar Number 1

Well after much agonising I have finally put together a calendar of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda shots I most like. Man it’s been hard. But for what it’s worth here’s Melly’s choice picks.

If anyone would like to purchase one for $30 you can bubblemail me. The $10 profit will go straight, smack into the hands of HEAL Africa.

Hold on a minute 13 Melinda Kerr’s for JUST $30!!!! THAT’S DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!

Seriously if you’re making a charity purchase this year consider HEAL Africa. These guys are awesome and they’re living at the coal face for us as much as anyone else :)

I'm in Photo Review Australia magazine.

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to alert you to a magazine called Photo Review Australia.
It’s a national mag and is absolutely brilliant.
Edited by a great guy called Don Norris it comes out 4 times a year and covers a wide range of things from cameras (reviews) to articles about photographers throughout the world.
What I really love about it is the passion with which it is written. These guys really know photography and love it as an art form as well as a means of communication (ie photojournalism).
They run great competitions and have a wonderfully professional attitude to reviews.
In my opinion it is genuinely the best photographic magazine around-especially for those who are beyond the happy snap stage.
They also have a great website which you get access to when you subscribe

Vote Blitzen 07.

I reckon we can do it world…

After languishing in Rudolph’s shadow for what seemed an eternity, Blitzen made a decision.

Put a poster up in your office.

Send a card.

Buy a t-shirt.

Say it loud and say it proud.


Calendar Review

When I left school we didn’t have a year book.
But if we had, had one, I’m not sure what my Most likely phrase would have said.
You know the ones. They sit under your embarrassingly crap photograph.…

Most likely to make a million (nup).

Most likely to get the best looking guy (sadly nup, see photo)

Most likely to fall down stairs after accepting Uni degree (getting warmer).

However this oversight is as of today null and void.
Because today I realised my most likely phrase should have (if indeed it could have), read Most likely to know all there is to know about calendars.

You see it’s been quite a year. After going to Africa on an aid trip as the photographer I was asked if I could create a calendar.

Sure, I lied. I know everything there is to know about calendars. Haven’t you seen my year bo

Rebecca & Mel collaboration sells 10 cards!!

Some of you may remember the collaboration between myself and the ridiculously talented Rebecca Zachariah Well some lovely person out there has just bought ten cards of this!! And we’re rapt (talking world domination – well sort of…)

The shot was taken by Rebecca in Rwanda this year and the post done by me. The good news is, it’s also available as a Christmas cards. Oooohh yeeeeah the hits just keep on comin’

How do you sign prints???

I have printed out a short run of my shots ($45 plus postage by the way-K3 archival inks-semi gloss paper-A3+) bargain bargain bargain!!!!!!

Anyway, I want to sign the base (white bit) with a pencil. But a pencil don’t wanna work on the stock.

What do people use for this?

It was so worth the trip. Lorne 07

I know I have a reputation for saying I’ll come to things and then not turning up.
I just want to say I’m so glad I made the effort to get to Lorne. As you can see I had a great time.
I’m throwing away that ‘commitment-phobe’ tag forever.

What's people's favourite work (of their own?)

I just lashed out and bought myself a mounted print from my own folio. So I got to choose from all my pieces which was fun but hard.
What makes it so funny is the piece I chose has only been favourited once and only ever received one comment in 2 months (from the lovely Jess Tremp).
Which makes me think Jess & I must be the only people in the entire world who like it :) Poor Jess fancy being stuck in a life boat with only me:)
It got me thinking. If you could only choose one shot as your favourite from your entire folio-firstly could you do it and secondly – is it the most popular with everyone else or just with you? (and of course Jess Tremp)…
My favourite I chose was this by the way.


Well I’m rapt to say I got my copy of Desktop Magazine today The magazine for Australian Design: Digital Culture and my photo essay and article about Rwanda is in it.
I have scanned it in here for you to see (there’s five pages) but I encourage you to check out the magazine. It’s great (the magazine that is) and I’m grateful to Joe Spurling the Editor.
As requested by me they mention Red Bubble at the end and given this mag has readership of 45,000 I’d say that’s good (does this excuse me for whinging emails Peter? :)…

This is the article I wrote to accompany the photos.

It’s called Thirteen years ago. And unfortunately, it’s true.

In April of this year I went as a volunteer photographer to Rwanda in Central Africa to document work done by some charities there.

Most people have heard of the

What the hell is going on (and other uplifting stories)...

Ok, ok first of all, everyone breath.…


Now let’s check.

Melbourne experiencing four seasons in one day? Check.

Shane Warne caught out again? Check.

Running my own business continuing to be challenging? Check.

Darren Stones steering the good ship RB around icebergs with a confident if not somewhat alcohol induced flourish? Check.

Some people on some distant journal thread arguing about freedom of speech as if RB is the most vital instrument for world peace on earth. Whilst slandering, vilifying and taunting each other with racial, overworked cliches from behind psuedo names? Check.

So nothing new or unusual about today then?

Un check.

What the…

Check this…

Today in seperate orders people have bought…

1 canvas print of shoe woman

plus 20 cards of shoe woman

150 cards of mother & chil

Thanks RB for the home page opportunity.

Hey thanks Peter and everyone for putting my and Rebecca Zachariah’s work on the home page.

I just want to say two things. First of all Rebecca deserves most of the praise. (I just helped with post processing). She took the shot in Rwanda when we were travelling over there. It was the shot of the trip as far as I’m concerned. Better than any of my 3,000. Yes 3,000!
The other thing is, the guys at RB and I haven’t always agreed. They’ve put up with some complaints from me. (Is that a groan I hear from you Peter!) But they have ALWAYS answered respectfully and honestly. Allowing us to agree to disagree or whatever and move on.
I just want to say publicly I really rate that.
So thanks.
And then to follow up by putting this shot on the home page is awesome. Because for me and Bec the whole purpose…

Got a bit of a second place thing...

Ok I’ll admit this is a bit wanky but (just in case it never happens again!) I thought I’d say my Congolese shot came second in the monochrome section of the 32nd annual Australian Photographic Society Awards (blush). Obviously this is the colour version but you get the idea! It also came pretty high up in the National digital photo awards. So I’m stoked.

I would never have thought to enter it unless I got such good feedback here (and some heated feedback too!) So thanks guys.

Unfortunately the situation in Goma where I and Rebecca Zachariah were is deteriorating so any support you can give in way of purchasing art or just as importantly in the form of a quick prayer before bed would be unreal. There but by the grace of God, it could have been any of us. Cheers. Mel.

Got a case study in DESKTOP magazine.

Dunno if anyone here reads or subscribes to DESKTOP magazine but if you do have a squiz at page 12 (I think it is) of this month. The Debrief/case study is about a multimedia job done by my company – Joe Public (yes I am a proud stage mother!)
They are also publishing a photo essay I’ve done with my Rwanda shots in the November issue.

Time for a spring clean of my foilo.

Inspired by the lovely Craig Goldsmith (if i suck up enough that Leica will be mine ALL MINE!!!) it’s time for me to ditch half my folio I reckon.
So, if anyone wants to purchase please do :)
And if you can tell me what should stay and what should go I’d be rapt ‘cos I dunno, they’re all my babies……….
Although there’s plenty more buns in the oven…


Wow, controversy on the Bubble. The winner of the b&w section in the real photo comp has been found to be a fraud!
And now more questions are being asked.
Namely, why did some people win when their shots weren’t up for sale.
I have a suggestion and I’d love to know people’s thoughts.
I am not saying anyone has cheated (apart from the one RB has caught). However a cynic might say people don’t put things up for sale when they don’t have a high res enough pic. Why not ask all those who have won something to supply a high res version of their photo. If they took it, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am not trying to stir up trouble. But I do think RB should institute the rules as they were set out. Just to be fair to those concerned.

Werribee Lion Park

Or whatever it’s called! Has anyone shot stuff here? With a camera that is. Is it good for wildlife shots? Natalie Manuel, I’m hoping you might be able to help me here? :)

Australian Digital Photography Awards-the results are out!!

Well the results of the Australian Digital Photography Awards are out and I’m delighted to announce at least 4 bubblers have been accepted.
Darren Stones with 3 acceptances. On ya Daz!!! Peter Hammer got 5 accepted and I got….1!! (I’m sure that would have read better if I’d written that in a different order :)
Oh and hot of the press Sue Whickam received two (Did I mention I got …!)
My apologies if I haven’t mentioned you, please feel free to add to this bloggy journally thingy.
The people I mention here are also part of the wonderful P4P site.
My finalist/acceptance is this one
The two awards in each category (I think there were over 1200 entries) went to two very experienced photographers (if letters after names mean anything!). Congrats to them.
In the meantime, we RB/P4P’s will carry o…

me and me cards!!!!!!!

Hi some more cards arrived today. They look SO MUCH better than my crap shots of them!!! That’s me in the background for no other reason that I can only be serious for a few minutes a day. Enjoy! Oh and the illustrated one is from my alter ego melpics -check it out if you like!!


Forgive me for doing this two days in a row but…Firstly thank you for the enormous support and discussion this picture has facilitated. Secondly, thank you RB for putting it on the home page. Thirdly, it previously has not been for slae but now is. Why? Because the proceeds go to charity. The charity that believes in reinstating people’s health, spirit and soul against all odds. The charity that supports this woman and thousands like her, in a war torn brutal country.-
I can’t think of a better reason to purchase it. xx

Previously not for sale. This work is now available for sale.

Firstly thank you for the enormous support and discussion this picture has facilitated. Secondly, thank you RB for putting it on the home page. Thirdly, it previously has not been for slae but now is. Why? Because the proceeds go to charity. The charity that believes in reinstating people’s health, spirit and soul against all odds. The charity that supports this woman and thousands like her, in a war torn brutal country.-
I can’t think of a better reason to purchase it. xx

Important and confronting shots.

Hi, some of you may know I have many shots in my folio shot in some of the poorest parts of Africa. I am pleased to say that one of my travelling companions Rebecca Zachariah has joined RB and has started uploading her shots. In Africa Bec & I discussed at length our desire for people to see the harsh reality of life there. We saw hundreds of people traumatised by war, AIDS and otherwise preventable disease. Some of these shots and stories are not for the faint hearted but they are for the warm hearted. I encourage you to check out Bec’s work. As I say, it’s brutally honest. But we believe incredibly necessary.

WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!! I JUST SOLD 18 CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok so I draw a little...

I kind of doodle a bit so I’ve started up another folio here at RB called melpics

It’s only got a few things on it so far so it’ll take you know time at all to give me your opinion :-) If you could check it out here that’d be unreal.

Introducing a mate of mine...

Hi everyone in RB land. I want to introduce you to a mate of mine-Rebecca Zachariah. She was my roomate on the volunteers trip to Africa! It was her 4th trip as a volunteer (she’s a Doctor) including trips to China, Borneo and of course Africa. She is ridiculously talented (which naturally drove me nuts). Check this out

Come to think of it-why did I tell her to join RB. She’ll show me up!
Check out her folio here
You’ll love it.

Charity begins at Red Bubble

Hey guys just a thought. I sell a heap of my stuff for charity. Like this

Anyway, I’ve noticed some other people at RB do too, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I did a one-off newsletter or something like that about what can be bought here for charity. I’m happy to interview or whatever it takes. Some people have shown a really kind interest in my stuff and I’m sure there’s heaps more aout there.
What d’ya reckon????

THE DROUGHT HAS BROKEN!!!!!!!!! (aka I've finally sold something)

Hooray!!!! We can ALL breathe a massive sigh of relief because someone has bought one of my cards!

I think the wonderful buyer was Natalie Manuel who is the best damn animal photographer I’ve seen. Please, please check her stuff out. It’s great especially for kids I reckon…

Natalie has done the bubble a huge favour, cos now you won’t have to put up with my pathetic, tragic ‘why me’ whinging that has even caused my normally loyal border collie to consider packing up and leaving. And now I can sit alongside other sellers such as the Great Alan Reading (or at least that’s what he said he’s called). The other person I wanna thanks is the gorgeous Jessica Tremp who told me to relax and my dog (before she turned on me) and Grandma Paltrow…did I mention her? Come to think of it, she never helped m…

Charity cards for sale!

Hi guys, I just wanted to alert you to my Africa shots.
All profits from any sales go to the charities.
I’d love it if you checked ‘em out and if you can’t buy ’em send them on to someone who might :0)
It makes a bucket load of difference believe me.
They are here

HDR? Is all I need Photoshop CS3??

Hi everyone. I know this topic has been discussed before but…I have just got Photoshop CS3 AND I am keen to start doing some HDR stuff (never done it before..) I was all set to purchase Photomatix from – but then I noiced Photoshop CS3 has an HDR section. Does anyone know-do I still need to purchase a seperate HDR software or will CS3 do everything I need?
Thanks dudes!!

Office politics II

This t-shirt is actually available here (there’s one with words too). It’s my observation of office politics. Am I wrong? Hmmm…don’t think so. Well with this little number you can wear it to work and convey the not-so-subtle ‘you bastards’ message to all and sundry. Or simply wear it on the weekend and enjoy the sympathetic nods from passers-by. It looks cool in olive. Which will only make them meaner and greener (or olive-er) with envy. Hee-hee. Be a winner, Buy it.

Photojournalism - help required!

Hi Bubblers,
Some of you may know I have recently been to Rwanda and D.R. Congo on an AID trip as a photographer. I am keen to ‘try’ and get some articles published (I am a copywriter by trade). I have secured 2 interviews and one photo essay for a magazine (all for free). I would like to approach say a Marie Claire or, well anyone really! Does anyone have any advice? I know there are a few journos and photojournos on this site. I would really appreciate your help. I want to publish what I have seen. Any help, any contact would be great. In the meantime, here are just some of my shots. Thanks guys.


Ok bubblers! As promised here is the first version of RED RAG. Red Rag is a weekly post which asks an ethical question and invites opinions. It is borne of the reaction to last weeks post ‘ethics and photojournalism’ which inspired some feverish, and very interesting debate.
As author of red rag, I will post statements/questions which I may or may not agree with – doesn’t matter…the point is to fire up the ‘other’ side of the brain – the one we only use when we’re trying to read our tax return – and even then not vey successfully. The one we fried at art school. The one our parents dream of us one day reaquainting ourselves with. The one which let’s face it, most of us probably don’t have.
Please help make this a success, then maybe the Gods of RB will give me a logo, a template, a hearty c…

I got interviewed!!

Well I haven’t sold anything (except to myself!!!) which is cool but I did get interviewed the other day! For a great photography magazine called Photo Review Australia. They also have a considerable on-line presence see here Don Norris (the Editor) is a great guy and we had a fantastic chat. He wanted to talk about the African photos and my trip. I was really chuffed. I gave red bubble a mention and will ask him to include a link in the article. It won’t be out for a few months but just thought I’d tell the RB community. :-)

Get set for RED RAG!!

Ok, I have just been having a cyber chat with the bubble braniacs out there and it has been decided that every week I will pose a question that is bound to foster energetic debate. Or at least strong opinions! This is due to the ‘success’ of a thread I posted a few days ago called ethics of photojournalism. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here Fellow bubblers were really responsive & the resulting discussion was enthusiastic and eye opening. So here’s how it will work…Every Monday I will post a topic under RED RAG. I may or may not agree with the sentiment but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that RB will become a forum for keen debate and intellectual stimulation. After all we should feed that ‘other’ side of the brain too every now and then :0) See you Monday…

The ethics of photojournalism...

Hi fellow bubblers. A couple of days ago I uploaded my entry into the real photo comp. It fostered some fairly blunt debate with another member of red bubble about what was ethical and what wasn’t in photojournalism. At first i felt uncomfortable about the debate but on reflection I find it really interesting. I see that Jessica Tremp has also faced the same dillemma. I admire Jessica’s work enormously and I encourage you to view her latest piece here Whilst you’re there check out her other shots, she’s excellent. If you want to see the one that started the debate :-) Check out mine here I’m interested in the discussion and welcome all points of view. It’s great we have the bubble to share our thoughts in…:0)

My entry in the real photocomp...

Well I’ve entered the photocomp! It seems funny to put this in something with fashion in the title. It’s in this section because this is where portraits go. I’m interested in anyone’s opinion??

Good luck everyone! And thanks to RB for the fun!

Well done bubble brains!

Just want to say I’ve started to notice more and more bubblers joining in from the U.S. I think that’s brilliant! A great testimony to a great idea. On ya bubble brains…I’m feeling all proud ’n stuff…

Opinions wanted...

Who can resist a title like that!
If you’ve been kind enough to check out my portfolio firstly, thank you.
Secondly, I have an idea I’d love to get some feedback on.
I recently travelled to Africa (Rwanda and Congo) as a volunteer photographer. To say the experience was incredible is an understatement.
I took over 3,000 RAW images all of which I am donating to a number of charities.
I have a number of contacts in a few AID charities and my hope is that my recent trip won’t be my last.
What I am considering is starting up a photo library which allows not for profits to download images for all mediums for a token price (to cover costs).
For example, perhaps a World Vision, and or CARE, Medicines Sans Fronteirs etc etc could pay a token yearly fee to cover the cost of building and running the site…

Thanks dudes & dudettes.

I can’t say what a thrill it is to log on and see one of my pieces on the home page. Well I can I guess…it’s a thrill to log in and see one of my pieces on the home page – there that wasn’t so hard.
As an addict of ‘the bubble’ I have enjoyed the buzz of seeing my humble efforts appear on screen before my very eyes, and theoretically lots of other eyes…(there’s gotta be other addicts out there…yes?)
So thanks guys. It really gives me a reson to be chuffed for at least 8 minutes. Eight very, very good minutes :-)

Opinion for competition entry...

Hi guys,
I am entering my first ever photography competition. Totally don’t expect to win or anything-just doing it for fun :-)…

Anyway, I’ve created a series called ‘Prayer.’ It’s of shots I took of people in Northern Rwanda during the official month of mourning.

Some of the shots are on my redbubble portfoilo (with more to come). I’d love people’s honest appraisal. My blurb goes something like this…

Thirteen years ago, Rwandans suffered a horrific genocide.

Over one million people were butchered in one hundred days

This was not a frenzied attack at the hands of demented strangers.

These sickening assaults were conducted by neighbours, family, even
‘friends’; with the most intimate of weapons, bare hands and machetes.

These shots were taken in April. The official month of mourning.

When Rw

can't sleep so thought i'd dream anyway

Lying here @ 3.30 am. Why do they make hotel rooms so damn hot?
Trying to think nice thoughts like how much I’d like to be a photojournalist. More hot hotel rooms yes, but a cool job. I have written some articles to match my photos of rwanda & congo. Does anyone out there know the first thing about getting them published? Don’t want the money for me, it’d go to them. I think the articles are good to read. I’m a copywriter by trade so I write already for a living. Anyone have any contacts they could share?


Balancing work by day and trying to organise an exhibition by night is definately challenging! But the militia continue to reap havoc in D.R. Congo, whilst those in Rwanda crying out for help with their trauma continue to bubble away at my conscious. 13 years ago the genocide in Rwanda claimed over 1 million lives in 100 days. These are not people who live in grass huts and practice witchcraft. These are professionals, students and seemingly regular citizens. It’s mind boggling to think it happened at all. The Rwandans dislike the film Hotel Rwanda (a Hollywood production) and condem it as a lie. Their opinion is that the so-called ‘hero’ was not a hero at all. I have been told he charged up to $500 for a glass of water. If anyone is interested in the true story, locals recommend watching…

First entry

So here we go. A week and a half since I got back from Africa and I’m still downloading shots. I am now in the process of trying to get sponsorship to get an exhibition together so that the shots can be seen (complete with stories) and raise awareness. If anyone can help, any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Hey how about you red bubble guys! I can guarantee an arty audience! I will get some of the individual’s stories on line soon. Needless to say they are unbelievable. The blatent inhumanity of war and genocide is almost impossible for our minds to touch. When the stories are told to your face it is like a force 10 gale smacks you in the eye. Stories of HIV infection, horrific experience of murder performed in fornt of people and rape, rape, rape. It happened and it’s still hap…

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