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Please read this tonight...

This is my friend Rebecca Zachariah

Some of you will know that Bec (Dr. Zachariah) and I shared a room on an Aid trip to Congo and Rwanda last year.

It was my first trip to a dangerous area and I came to realise the courage and persistence volunteer aid ‘trippers’ need to survive these journeys.

It’s scary, hard and rough living. And needs to be completely funded by the volunteer.

Having Bec as my roomate was awesome because it was her fourth Aid trip.

Yep fourth. AND she’s 10 years younger than me (something she likes to remind me of more often than not!)

Bec will hate me saying all this because she’s not one who’s comfortable with praise but…

She came to Australia when she was I think 16. English was not her first language. She stayed here by herself, got through school and achieved ridiculously high marks. She is about to finally officially become an Obstetrician – although she already delivers her fair share of babies. And is now studying an ultrasound course only 3 people nationwide have been accepted into.

Man she’s going to kill me :)

Anyway, why do I want you to read this tonight? Because tomorrow Bec goes on her FIFTH Aid trip. This time to a remote part of Indonesia. I can’t tell you where it is for security reasons. But let’s just say it’s no Bali.

She will be assisting an amazing Australian couple who’ve set up a clinic in a high risk area against every odd you could imagine. And I just want people to wish her well. Pray if it’s your thing.

The good news is, this time she’ll be sharing with my sister (I’ve lost count of how many trips she’s done) who is INFINITELY neater than me.

And Bec has a D200-now there’s serious pressure!!

Good on ya Zachariah. Wish I could come.

Keep safe.

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