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Calling all Nikon shooters (oh ok and others!) i need some lens advice

Ok here’s the deal.
I had the 17-35mm 2.8 lens. Nice. Considered a classic.
I dropped it on my birthday. Bad. Considered a loser.
I put it in for an insurance claim. Good. Thanks goodness I’d insured it.
They approved the claim…but I had under insured it. Again, the loser word.
But they are giving me some money to buy another lens. Happy days.

So, good people of rouge bubble. Do I…

A) buy the same lens?
B) buy the 14-24mm lens I have lusted after for many a day – remembering that landscapes, seascapes and enviro portraits are my thang.
C) buy the new 16-35mm f/4 which is s’posed to be good but is ‘only’ f/4 and dang it if that doesn’t throw me a bit BUT it is a good walk around lens and it’s cheaper and oh dear…see how tough it is being me?

What should I do? Anyone got these lenses? Please share. Go on :)

Oh and BTW I’m selling my nikon macro 105mm mint condition awesome lens. Why don’t you buy it? I would. In fact, I did.


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