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G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

After careful consideration and much thought I'm sorry to say I'm...



There’s been a lot of crap going down here of late and I think it’s time to put up my hand and say…

I’m staying.

I’m staying because this is (one of) my virtual homes.

I’m staying because I’ve been here from the start and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to let narcissistic people drive me off my land.

I’m staying because every day I see beautiful artwork that goes up which makes me both in awe and inspired.

I’m staying because I need a bit of RB in my life and I’m convinced RB needs me (hehe).

I’m staying because I’ve raised enough money here to give 10 women life saving operations. That’s life saving.

I’m staying because I believe in fair play – which means if you play in the sand pit of a friend, you play by their rules.

I’m staying because I originally had a concern about the Hipster Hitler stuff so I bubble mailed him and we chatted and I respect his point of view now.

I’m staying because people who bring the world down for others need to be stood up to.

And trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to take me on :)

So here’s my idea. Everyone who’s staying should write an I’m staying journal and I’ll link them together so that amongst the crap there’s light.

Believe in yourself and have an awesome day.



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