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Protest @ Palais starting 5pm Thursday 7th Feb (and march to St Kilda Town Hall)sign the petition

This journal entry is about a place very close to my heart.

St Kilda.

Artistic, eclectic and wonderfully, culturally Melbourne.

Or at least it always has been.

In recent years greed had extended it’s ugly claws and seen many classic shops have to close their doors due to exorbitant rent.

And now the Port Phillip Council is getting in on the act.

The Council is in the process of approving a revolting retail and nightclub development in the area colloquially known as the St Kilda Triangle. Residing next to the landmark Palais building the triangle is prime, crown land – public land sorely in need of cleaning up. The locals want community space. The council however is set to approve a development which includes:

Spread over five levels on this beachfront public space, there will be:

  • 150 retail tenancies (that’s 25,000 sq m of retail space), which include 20% national chains and 50% ‘independents’ (defined by the developer as a trader with less than 10 stores).��
  • a cluster of nightclubs and music venues plus pubs, taverns, bars and restaurants (including a restaurant to train hospitality students)
  • a multi-screen cinema complex
  • a 90-room hotel and convention space
  • a fitness centre
  • an art gallery
  • 1200 space car park
  • public grass areas on the roof of the complex,
  • public walkways throughout,
  • public steps leading to Jacka Boulevard and
  • a shop-fronted public plaza.

The design calls for the demolition of a unique, 100 year old, split-level beachside promenade and the sacrifice of some of the unobstructed views from the Upper Esplanade to the beach and to the Palais Theatre and Luna Park.

I can’t include a pic of the proposed design here but think ‘Chadstone by the bay.’

People of course have the right to make their own conclusion but if you are against it you really only have one chance to make your feelings felt.

Believe it or not, Councillors are dismissing the 6,000+ written Triangle objections they’ve received as “not that many”.

It’s time to vote with our feet.

On Thursday (coming) 7th Feb a march is being held to tell the council exactly how we Melbornians feel. Following is from the Unchain St Kilda website.

  • In a show of citizen unity assemble at the Palais Theatre at 5pm on Thursday 7 February to walk as a colourful group to the meeting at the St Kilda Town Hall, which starts at 6pm. (if you can, wear St Kilda colours of black, red and white).
  • You can also download a postcard advertising the march for printing or emailing to friends. We have copies available for distribution also – email us if you want to help.

Attend the meeting

  • If you can’t make to the march, get to the St Kilda Town Hall by 6pm, corner of Brighton Road and Carlisle Street, St Kilda.

I’ve been to some meeting already and they get pretty fired up. It’s unreal to see real community passion and inspiring and comforting to realise people give a shit.

If you don’t say anything now it will be too late afterwards.

This is your chance to really make a difference.

I hope as many people come as possible. Bring your cameras and pens!!!

And be able to tell your grand kids you helped save st kilda.

For more info go to

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