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What I've sold since the site changes...

OK so I don’t usually do “Sold” journals, but given the angst since the site changes I just thought I’d add in an observation.
I don’t know about anyone else but I have sold more stuff, to external sources than ever.
And I can only put it down to the changes.
Here’s what I’ve sold since the overhaul.
Two lots of cards of this shot.

A matted print of this.

5 x cards of this:

2 x t shirts of this and a sticker.

1 x long sleeve t-shirt of this and a sticker.

2 x cards of this:

1 x card of this:

A sticker of this:

And happily for HEAL Africa.

Some cards of this:

A calendar of this:

A t-shirt of this:

And a t-shirt of this:

I’m not trying to show off. I feel blessed and constantly delighted that anyone would want to buy my work!
And I’m not trying to cause a blue (Australian slang for fight…)

I guess I just want to give credit where credit’s due.

Peace and Merry Christmas everyone x

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