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Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

Photojournalism - help required!

Hi Bubblers,
Some of you may know I have recently been to Rwanda and D.R. Congo on an AID trip as a photographer. I am keen to ‘try’ and get some articles published (I am a copywriter by trade). I have secured 2 interviews and one photo essay for a magazine (all for free). I would like to approach say a Marie Claire or, well anyone really! Does anyone have any advice? I know there are a few journos and photojournos on this site. I would really appreciate your help. I want to publish what I have seen. Any help, any contact would be great. In the meantime, here are just some of my shots. Thanks guys.

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