Melinda Kerr

Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

Thanks dudes & dudettes.

I can’t say what a thrill it is to log on and see one of my pieces on the home page. Well I can I guess…it’s a thrill to log in and see one of my pieces on the home page – there that wasn’t so hard.
As an addict of ‘the bubble’ I have enjoyed the buzz of seeing my humble efforts appear on screen before my very eyes, and theoretically lots of other eyes…(there’s gotta be other addicts out there…yes?)
So thanks guys. It really gives me a reson to be chuffed for at least 8 minutes. Eight very, very good minutes :-)

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