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Opinion for competition entry...

Hi guys,
I am entering my first ever photography competition. Totally don’t expect to win or anything-just doing it for fun :-)

Anyway, I’ve created a series called ‘Prayer.’ It’s of shots I took of people in Northern Rwanda during the official month of mourning.

Some of the shots are on my redbubble portfoilo (with more to come). I’d love people’s honest appraisal. My blurb goes something like this…

Thirteen years ago, Rwandans suffered a horrific genocide.

Over one million people were butchered in one hundred days

This was not a frenzied attack at the hands of demented strangers.

These sickening assaults were conducted by neighbours, family, even
‘friends’; with the most intimate of weapons, bare hands and machetes.

These shots were taken in April. The official month of mourning.

When Rwandans pray, they pray physically as well as spiritually.

As if to literally squeeze the terror from their minds.

Their pain resonates and their dismay is suffocating.

Yet, still, a glimmer of hope reveals itself.

Set alight by courage, and relentless faith.

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