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What the hell is going on (and other uplifting stories)...

Ok, ok first of all, everyone breath.


Now let’s check.

Melbourne experiencing four seasons in one day? Check.

Shane Warne caught out again? Check.

Running my own business continuing to be challenging? Check.

Darren Stones steering the good ship RB around icebergs with a confident if not somewhat alcohol induced flourish? Check.

Some people on some distant journal thread arguing about freedom of speech as if RB is the most vital instrument for world peace on earth. Whilst slandering, vilifying and taunting each other with racial, overworked cliches from behind psuedo names? Check.

So nothing new or unusual about today then?

Un check.

What the…

Check this…

Today in seperate orders people have bought…

1 canvas print of shoe woman

plus 20 cards of shoe woman

150 cards of mother & child

25 cards of Possibility II

25 cards of the congo skipping kids

& a further 26 of these

20 cards of this beauty

5 cards of these guys

5 cards of these little ones

2 cards of this chap

2 cards of this dude

2 cards of this princess

5 cards of this piece of possibility


2 cards of this beautiful, precious boy

I don’t know anything much about freedom of speech, flags, philosophy or anything like the stuff that’s been going on here this week.

But I’ll tell you all ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING.

These purchases will save lives.

These people live on less than a dollar a day.

They live in slums, gutters and sheds made of flattened alluminium cans.

The love, they laugh, they dream – they dodge bullets, they run as fast as they can from rapists usually unsuccessfully, they starve and they cry.

Every cent of revenue goes to them and the brave souls who live in a war zone to help them. They couldn’t give a rats about flags, and virtual slanging matches. They live on the real edge.

I didn’t cry once in Africa.

Right now I am sitting here drowning in tears.

Maybe change is possible? Even the tiniest bit??

Thanks RB – thanks whoever.


Oh and thinking of turning some of these into Chrissy cards if anyone’s interested.

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