Melinda Kerr

Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

Thanks RB for the home page opportunity.

Hey thanks Peter and everyone for putting my and Rebecca Zachariah’s work on the home page.

I just want to say two things. First of all Rebecca deserves most of the praise. (I just helped with post processing). She took the shot in Rwanda when we were travelling over there. It was the shot of the trip as far as I’m concerned. Better than any of my 3,000. Yes 3,000!
The other thing is, the guys at RB and I haven’t always agreed. They’ve put up with some complaints from me. (Is that a groan I hear from you Peter!) But they have ALWAYS answered respectfully and honestly. Allowing us to agree to disagree or whatever and move on.
I just want to say publicly I really rate that.
So thanks.
And then to follow up by putting this shot on the home page is awesome. Because for me and Bec the whole purpose is about the causes we’re so passionate about.
So thanks guys. Kudos to you and kudos to Rebecca.

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