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Handsome man becomes major benefactor...

Adrian Carmody the unbelievable talented photographer known for his unique ability to stay focused in mosh pits has turned his hand to philanthropy.

No that’s not stamp collecting but giving money to those who need it for no other reason than well, they need it.

He’s already joined the hall of fame by buying the world’s most expensive card

But oh no being a great bloke isn’t enough for our Adrian. He’s just become an awesome bloke by buying three more.

Let me tell you what that means. It means people get a chance. A chance to be healed, nurtured and loved. A bit of heaven in hell. Congo and Rwanda are under fire people are suffering ’cos they were born in the wrong part of the world.

If you think $30 does nothing you’re wrong. It does everything if you consider love everything.

And man can Adrian shoot great pics. Check out his stuff here but also on his website…

His band shots are amazing. I know there’s lottsa band members out there in the bub. Seriously this is the guy who should be shooting your stuff. He manages light so well and captures emotion beautifully. This guy wreaks of talent, and soul.

Thanks Adrian x

That’s one more beer I owe…and yes, yes, yes John Robb (the originator of this idea) I owe you too!

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