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Handsome pop star buys World's Most Expensive Card!!

Yes good people of this world…

The charming and oh so sexy Adrian has gone and bought the world’s most expensive card overnight.

This card gives money to the people of Congo who are doing it really tough right now. Overnight there is a chance the rebels will have taken Goma the town I was in last year, where HEAL Africa is. It saddens me more than you could know.

But what delights me is people like Adrian who aren’t just moved by the stories they move to action.

Adrian is known to be largely nocturnal, and spends much of his time crawling along stinky pub floors and hovering backstage to get awesome shots of bands and groupies. His work isn’t standard, it’s beyond that. He captures the heart and soul of rock and roll showing a precise and empathetic eye.

Which when you think of it, is a perfect match for his heart.

Thanks Adrian x PEACE.

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