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I know you guys must be sick of hearing about Congo but...

I try to tell as many people as I can…

It is crisis point in Goma where I was last year. The unthinkable is happening and the rebels look like ‘taking’ the town. This is where the Hospital is. I cannot believe the staff are staying on, the repercussions are unthinkable.

If you are in the states you can write to your local congressman..

This is the email I received around 10 minutes ago from HEAL Africa…

The thing that stills wows me about them is their call to pray for the enemy too. They’re pretty amazing people.

Dear Friends of HEAL Africa,

There are unfortunate updates since yesterday regarding the situation in Goma. All the international volunteers and staff have been evacuated to Kigali, Rwanda, due to a surge made by Nkunda’s CNDP rebel group towards Goma. They are said to be fighting alongside of Rwandan battalions and are expected to take the city of Goma due to the incompetence of the Congolese army and the the disorganization of UN Peacekeeping troops.

Prisoners have escaped from the prison and are looting and destroyed part of the prison.

Things change by the minute though, so more will be known tomorrow. What is needed is for Rwanda and DR Congo to have actual talks where an agreement on resources and trade is reached.

Dr. Jo and Lyn Lusi are still in Goma and the hospital is functioning as normal. They have treated several injured Congolese soldiers. All the patients are safe at the moment. The town has been flooded with refugees who have nowhere to stay and little to eat. It is reported that 20,000 people are walking, running down the road from Kibumba 12 miles north of Goma. They are coming from the camps that were dispersed during Nkunda’s push.

The city of Goma is the supposed haven of “peace”, and the added burden to the population cannot but increase tensions, which

will be used to inflame further ethnic issues, which will further delay the long-awaited stable peace for the people of Congo.

Pray that our staff will have miraculous capacity to care for those at the hospital and for their protection and the protection of the hospital materials and equipment.
Pray that leaders would make decisions based on the interest of protecting their citizens.
Pray for those who are tired of running, who are tired of carrying their belongings, and who are tired of not knowing where they will sleep.
Pray for the generals, soldiers, and for their families, and that they would see the intrinsic humanity in the opposing side.

You can also take active steps. Attached is information on coltan, one of the minerals the fuels the conflict. There is also a letter you can send to your senator regarding a bill on conflict coltan the was recently introduced introduced in the Senate.



Harper McConnell
HEAL Africa
Director of Development
(360) 878-5571

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