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G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...

I just donated $1,320.00 to HEAL Africa and Hand Up Congo.

Well at last.

It gives me great pleasure to announce (virtual drum roll…) that as a result of selling cards, prints, t-shirts, photos, caps etc etc etc I have raised and just officially donated 1,320 smackas to HEAL Africa and Hand Up Congo.

Many of you guys know I’ve been doing this for the last year after traveling there with an AID Group as a volunteer photographer.

I’m stoked that I have been able to pay for 3 fistula operations (did anyone see the doco on the ABC last night?) – this will directly affect three women whose lives have been shattered by war rape. If the operations work they will be able to return to their villages an ‘equal’ citizen (well equal for a woman).

The money will also go to restoring sight to a Congolese woman with severe cataracts and there was enough left over to buy 4 mosquito nets and associated mozzie destroyers!

I just want to thank all those on RB who’ve supported the cause. There are too many names to mention…

But I will mention…Jo O’Brien who regularly highlighted my pleas in the community page (hey how about this one too O’Brien!!) John Robb who invented ‘The world’s most expensive card’ campaign, all the Melbourne crew who encouraged me at meetups (those few I’ve gone too…) Bec Zachariah my room mate in Africa…all the people from OS who have bought stuff without knowing me (probably because they don’t know me!!)

Anyway thanks from my heart.

And their hearts.

They have them you know.

That’s why we need to keep fighting the good fight.



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