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Australian Digital Photography Awards-the results are out!!

Well the results of the Australian Digital Photography Awards are out and I’m delighted to announce at least 4 bubblers have been accepted.
Darren Stones with 3 acceptances. On ya Daz!!! Peter Hammer got 5 accepted and I got….1!! (I’m sure that would have read better if I’d written that in a different order :)
Oh and hot of the press Sue Whickam received two (Did I mention I got …!)
My apologies if I haven’t mentioned you, please feel free to add to this bloggy journally thingy.
The people I mention here are also part of the wonderful P4P site.
My finalist/acceptance is this one
The two awards in each category (I think there were over 1200 entries) went to two very experienced photographers (if letters after names mean anything!). Congrats to them.
In the meantime, we RB/P4P’s will carry on taking over the world…or something!

Even hotter of the press the ever delightful samantaha has scored herself 2 entries.

Did I mention my…..1……

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