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More beautiful souls at RB purchase world's most expensive card!!!!!!!!

What can I say?
I go to sleep, I wake up and 4 more exceptional artists have parted with their cold hard cash to purchase the ridiculously overpriced world’s most expensive card (WMEC)!!
Well hopefully we all know now – to support the people in Democratic Republic of Congo for whom the price of the WMEC is their monthly wage (if that).
Women who suffer serious sexual assault, little blokes who get dragged into militias before they’re 10, people who need medical care from bullet wounds and attacks (no matter what side their on) etc etc.
I’m floored by the generosity and care people are demonstrating from all over the world. You guys humble me, seriously you do (and if you’ve ever met me, that takes some doing :)
Ok, so who are these life savers?
Well let’s start with none other than RB’s intrepid bus driver himself.
By leading from the front Peter personifies the authentic and moving commitment RB has to it’s community and their lives. Thanks Peter…hey what are you doing reading this, who’s driving the bus!!!! Not Jo O’Brien!!! ;)

Then there’s magnificent Maya.
Check out her work, she has incredible paintings and how many people can claim to have work hanging in a scared temple in India? (Wonder if there’s room for the WMEC on those walls…)
Next on this list of the hall of top chicks and blokes comes Picketty.

Picketty hails from Taree in NSW (a place we used to stop for a cuppa on our famous Kerr family holidays every year my apologies for our behaviour…) Picketty’s work with flowers is spectacular. Check ‘em out, you can smell the perfume from your screen.
And then I awake this morning to find the wonderful Tanya B. Schroeder (I love people who put middle initials in their name-sounds, I don’t know, intellectual or something :)

Tanya is another one who has a classy avatar putting mine to shame (wouldn’t be hard). Please look at her work, she has such a delicate touch with her shots. Her DOF is unreal.

I know I keep repeating myself and it all sounds so terribly corny but seriously you guys and all others who have given…it matters, it really really matters.

Your act is not small.

And neither are your hearts.


Melinda J Kerr

PS Another $248.09 and there’s going to be one very big announcement :)

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