Melinda Kerr

Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


Ok, so this group is almost deserving of it’s own, well, group.

The description would go something like this:

’A unique group, this collection comprises some of the finest and most innovative photographers on earth. Spanning genres such as music, wildlife, exotic landscapes, sports, photojournalism, king charles cavalier spaniels and the unusual but rapidly emerging modernist style – sitting on derelict chairs on tram lines, these artists push boundaries to breaking point (or as in the case of the tram lines braking point).

As generous as they are with their wondrous creativity, so too are they giving of heart. All artists have joined the radical movement Purchase the most expensive card on Red Bubble in order to support HEAL Africa. A charity supported by the mysterious, mischievous, messy and mad Melinda Kerr.

Recent inductees to this talented tribe include the renowned wildlife warrior and photographer EC Gardner and the impeccable and awarded landscape photographer Samantha Cole-Surjan. Both are known for their exceptional eye, their creative vision and their sexy avatars and intriguing names which sounds just so much more exotic than Melinda Kerr. (Let’s face it a can of soup sounds more exotic than that).

Today/tonight do yourself a favour. Check out the work of these exceptional artists who realise life doesn’t stop our borders, our race, our religion or our politics.

You’ll thank God they’re here.

I know I do.

Delightful Sam

The lovely Ms EC

Mr Craig Goldsmith

Our own english rose Timothy

That’s Mr PLV to you

JR (John Robb)

The gifted Sarah Moore

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