I was lucky enough to meet Gerry Oar and his gorgeous wife Mo in Mexico.

Today, he posted on facebook an absolutely beautiful image of Edinburgh, Scotland, and so I thought I’d share it with you all….along with his other travel images.

He’s a great guy, with a love of travel. He and Mo have travelled the world, and his blog shares some of his images. Click below to be taken to his blog

Graduated neutral density filters

I may have mentioned these once or twice before, however this is a blog that any aspiring landscape photographer needs to see, imho!

Singh Ray have a regular blog, and here’s a search for ND Grads that will show you many different ways to improve your photography, just by evening out the light with a filter. It’s not too late to race out and pick one up at the camera store, Cokin and Hi Tech make some that are good to start with! You can hand hold them, if you can’t quite afford all the gear….so do yourselves a favour! These hot summer days with stormy skies will definitely benefit from some neutral density filtering!

Christmas in Oz

Here in sunny Brisbane we tend to suffer heat and humidity for Christmas day, so our standard Christmas day will consist of handing out the presents, a swim, ham, prawns and salad for lunch, lots of ice creams and cold drinks, and a snooze in the shade in the afternoon while the kids go back to the pool or beach, or play with their new toys. Then we’d start on one of those thousand piece jigsaws, in the airconditioning!

Here’s an Australian Christmas Carol, sung by Rolf Harris….

Let us know how you spend your Christmas day, and add your favourite Christmas music, if you like!

Happy Christmas to everyone, or Happy holidays!

All the best for the new year to you all, thanks so much for being a part of my redbubble journey!

Snow Globe

How amazing this is! Creative people will always find ways to push the envelope, here’s a video showing LA through a “snow globe” with amazing bokeh behind it, added by using different paper cut outs to add the shapes.

Vimeo and details here

Thanks again to Petalpixel

It makes up for having to read rubbish written by petty-minded people who only make themselves feel better by trying to bring everyone else down….


Oh sorry, did you think I meant YOU? Nooooo….this is a bearded dragon, who has discovered the joy of gaming….

Want to make some extra cash over Christmas?

Become a professional photographer!!!

Consumer affairs blog The Consumerist caused a stir earlier this week by offering the following advice to people looking to earn some extra cash for the holidays:

Become a photographer. Most photographers will tell you that persistence is at least as important as skill in creating great work. If you know people who are looking to take portraits or holding a social function, offer to shoot it for free and sell them the pictures if they like them.

Needless to say, the suggestion caused quite an angry response from actual photographers, who equated the tip with telling people to buying a hammer in order to become an independent contractor.

Stan Horaczek over at PopPhoto has also written up a lengthy response. It looks like people are taking Missy’s advi

Tim Tam slammer!


I can’t remember the last time I tasted a Tim Tam, but I saw a group of US citizens buying many packages of them in Brisbane before I flew to LAX last month, and then all the models and photogs at one of our slideshow nights went nuts over a couple of packs that MalG had brought with him…..

So when I was shopping the other day I saw a special, 2 packs for $4….and before I knew it, two packs were in my shopping basket!

Personally I’m not a fan of the biscuit, and was happy enough to give one pack to Scott and one pack to Ross….. however…..Scott made coffee this afternoon, and then offered me a Tim Tam to go with it…….

So here’s the thing, you bite off a corner, and then bite off the diagonally opposite corner, dip it in your coffee, and suck the coffee up through the biscuit.

Lets share

I found this link to understanding criticism the other day, and thought I’d share.

Part 2 is here

and Part 3 is here

Recently I’ve been invited to judge at various photo clubs and rural shows, and this has been both enlightening, and horrifying. Personally, with so little photographic experience (relatively,) I feel unqualified to judge other people’s work, and I must admit I’ve felt my fair share of dissatisfaction at other judges conclusions.

These links, plus another one on judging have been very helpful. If you’ve been feeling let down by criticism or judging, you may also benefit.

If you just want a chuckle, check out the NASA satellite!

Fly over

From space!

For those who have trouble with vimeo loading, I usually hit play, then pause it again, giving the grey line a chance to get much closer to the end….then hit play again…..Hopefully that’ll mean you get a full video without stops…

General musings on life in Baja California Sur

Scott and I went to Zoefest and stayed in Todos Santos, returning last week. The beautiful town in the desert of cactus and sand that is BCS is indeed an oasis, and something we were very relieved to see after our nightmare trip from the airport at SJD. Nothing to worry about (now,) but I was stricken with an horrendous attack of severe chest pain and vomiting, almost as soon as we started our trip in the rented vehicle….looking for a hospital, trying to find an ambulance, driving a vehicle he didn’t know, and on the opposite side of the road, in a strange city, with a language we didn’t speak just added to the stress…..Poor Scott! Eventually we pulled up outside a police station, and after waiting for an ambulance that didn’t arrive, one of the policemen drove the vehicle to the nearest …


Anyone in Brisbane or nearby who’s interested in accumulating points for Australian Photographic Society honours, or FIAP or PSA for that matter, is welcome to come to the meeting tonight. The Australian International Group of Exhibitors is getting together to brainstorm about upcoming competitions, showing images, critiquing them, and networking.…

7-30 pm at Unit 8, 20 Jijaws Street Sumner Park. Bring a fold up chair, just in case there aren’t enough, and $2 to cover the cost of the cup of tea. It would be good if you could bring some nibblies too….

If you’re interested in joining the mailing list, let me know. We meet in all four corners of Brisbane, alternating each month. It’s a great way to help unravel the intricacies of the honours system, as well as meet some of the well respected

Brisbanites last chance!!!!

Brisbanites who want to get some good quality stock photos, meet some friendly photogs, models and other support people, and shoot in some fabulous locations in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, should look at this Eucalypse weekend in early November.

All of the models will be signing release forms for many of the major stock libraries, and costs include everything you’ll need once you’re on location: models, MUAs, Wardrobe, Hair, venues, insurance and transport.

It really is a fabulous opportunity, and bloody good value, if you ask me!

Registration closes on Oct 2nd….so don’t wait too long!


In Burma, a man has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for photography –

In the US, faux news has reduced it’s credibility (ha) even further by yelling “boring” at Al Gore’s new project Read more

Finally….it seems that we can do better, if only we could believe in ourselves..
Read more here

That is all….

Farewell to the beautiful Kimberley

My previous general musings on the Kimberley are here, here, and here.

This is the final journal covering our fabulous trip with Mieke in Derby and Broome.

Broome has gorgeous red soil and amazing blue water….saltwater crocodiles and irikanji, amazing sunsets and camels on the beach…..

At the port there were these fabulous red pipes, and with the brilliant blue sky, and that red and white pole, I just couldn’t resist stopping to take a shot

Because I booked our flights before booking accommodation, we were left high and dry with nowhere to stay over the weekend we were there, however I was able to find a place for the Monday night, which just so happened to coincide with the first night of the “staircase to the moon” phenomenon, which occurs just after full moon, and looks best with low

It's happening again!

Ben Ryan has organised another amazing 3 day shoot in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this time in early November! The opportunity to shoot in fantastic locations, with models and MUAs is one NOT to be missed!

Register here to be a part of this fabulous event.

Day one includes shooting in some of the venues at Eagle St Pier and Waterfront place.
Day two is a trip on Moreton Bay in Dick Whittington, a 45foot yacht! Includes a visit to Moreton Island and the wrecks.
Day three is a trip to the Gold Coast with shoots in some lovely old hotel/motels.

There are special deals here

Some of the images from past Eucalypse events are here and quite a few from the recent Brisbane one are here

Kimberley journey, cont....

My previous general musings on the Kimberley are here, and here and this is a continuation of our fabulous trip with Mieke in Derby and Broome. Final journal is here

A day trip to Winjana Gorge was one of the fantastic tours we did, Mieke wanted us to see some of the country other than that close to Derby. What a beautiful place, you can feel the mood as soon as you exit your vehicle!

The gorge is home to Freshwater Crocodiles, luckily they’re not bothered by the busloads of tourists who are shown through the area, and are really only a threat if you’re silly enough to get too close when they’re breeding, or you stand on them….

After Winjana we managed to get back to the mudflats in time for sunset. We were hot, tired, and prickly, but a sunset out there is enough to put a grin on any

Beautiful Kimberley cont....

My previous general musing on the Kimberley is here, and this is a continuation of our fabulous trip with Mieke in Derby and Broome. A subsequent journal is here and the final one is here

Daytime in Derby was (for me) HOT at 30°c+ (considering it’s winter), and this image shows the clear blue sky and dried and dusty mudflats. This is classed as “The Dry” as opposed to “The Wet” when everything is hot and humid, and storms build up to massive crescendos every other evening in Summer.

The Dinner tree shot around 10am….

Mieke took us out onto the mudflats in Derby, and left us at our chosen clump of boabs, and this was one I shot facing towards the east. The moon was a couple of days off full.

This was shot at one of my other choices, facing west. I posted an enhanced version here

Derby Jet

Woody Point Pano

My Woody point pano image has won another award, this time from Better Photography.…

Just before I flew up to Broome I received a massive parcel from the UK, and when I opened it I discovered not one, but TWO prints of this image.

The magnificent MaxO asked for the file to see how it would print on canvas, and said he would send me a copy. I agreed, and then promptly forgot…(something I seem to do a lot, lately!!)

What a suprise when I opened the box, there was a HUGE canvas print, and a photographic print as well!

The canvas is, to quote from MaxO

“Printed on a Canon IPF 9000 giclee method with 8 colour archival quality inkset. (inks will not show and sign of fade for 120 years…we use them to print for museums) The canvas is made by Hanemuhle of Germany and has a life of 400 years a it i

Beautiful Kimberley

I’m finally coming down from a trip of a lifetime… the Kimberley, in the North Western corner of Western Australia. What an amazing place!!!
Journal 2 is here
Journal 3 is here
Journal 4 is here

Continually invited to visit over the past two years by Mieke I finally jumped in with both feet and booked a ticket, for myself and for Robyn, (who initially introduced me to Mieke in 2008!)

I have to admit, I booked the tickets before looking for accommodation….that was a bad move, because I only discovered after booking the flights that Broome Cup was on the weekend we were there, and that meant NO rooms were available at the inn….the resort, the pub, the motels, the caravan park, or anywhere, to be honest!

Luckily for us Mieke was able to deal with my idiocy, picked us up from Broome airpor

Photographic Print suggestion

I’ve created a suggestion over in the feedback forum asking for photographic prints to have a small border.

When I’ve put prints on the wall for exhibitions I’ve always had them printed with extra edges so the pins didn’t damage the actual image.

I also believe that framers find it easier to work with a print that gives them a little extra around the edges, plus the image won’t be cropped by the mat board.

It also gives those who handle the work something to hold so they don’t leave fingerprints all over the image…

If you agree then feel free to add your thoughts

Apple iTunes anyone?

I’ve been sucked into downloading a few tv shows in the past year or so, and with limited room on my macbook hard drive I’ve moved some of the files over to a plug-in hard drive. Needless to say, somehow I’ve messed it up and lost one entire series, so this could be good news for me!

It’s possible I have it wrong, too….

click on the icon to read the story:-

Photographic prints

Redbubble has released another new product! We can now sell our work as photographic prints, so that people can take them to be framed themselves! Or they can pin them to the wall, throw darts at them, or just save them in a drawer for posterity…..whatever!…

It seems that the elves have been busy and added a few from all artists work, so that they have a catalogue to choose from when putting them into the shop pages, so if you want to add more, you need to edit your images to add them as another option apart from those you’ve already chosen.

Go to the image you wish to make available as a print, and click on the edit link, then click on the “Photographic Prints” box

If, however, you DON’T wish to make your work available as a photographic print, you need to go into your portfolio, and clic

Shooting the milky way

I’ve been interested in shooting the Milky Way for quite a while, so when I was down in the Dandenongs with Robyn and we decided to go out at midnight to see if we could see the Southern Aurora,(we didn’t,) I tried to shoot a few Milky Way shots with the little bit of information I had. (Pump the ISO, 30 seconds, wide open aperture)…

The lights from Melbourne were pretty intense from the top of the mountains, but I managed to at least see the Milky Way in my shots. And it was gratifying to know that, at least! This was shot with the Canon 5D Mk II, 16-35mm at 16mm, f/2.8, 25 seconds, and ISO 1250 at 14minutes after midnight.

Then when I came home, Robyn and I did a little bit of research, and found this page. Needless to say I was inspired again, and since I knew it was a new moon (and t

Wow, colour me impressed!

You can now retrieve your full size images from the RedBubble server if you need to!!!

All you need do is go to the image you want, click on edit, and you will see the file name is now a link. Click on that, and it’ll open in another tab (for firefox, anyway,) and from there you can right click on the image and hit Copy. Then go to your graphics program, open a new document, and then go to Edit/Paste….and there’s your original file! Hit Save As, and put it somewhere safe. :)

Alternatively you can click on the image and drag it into a graphics program. :D

That’s F A N T A S T I C news, RedBubble, thank you!!!!

And I just bought another two 2Tb hard drives….lol!

Still, nice to know there’s another option to back up our images!


3 Day Brisbane Shoot - August 6, 7 and 8

Ben Ryan has organised this amazing 3 day shoot in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in August.

This year we’re pulling up our mud-drenched, ice-encrusted boots from Melbourne’s boggy winter streets, and we’re heading north for some Sun, sand and snapping in Brisbane and the Gold Coast over 3 (and for some people, four) days.
Read more

Come on you guys, Brissie is the best place to shoot in Winter!!!

For those who are curious....

Thank you so much to Adriana I now have an idea how my images look at PMA in Sydney!

These guys are here for scale, of course ;)

Once again…it’s a scale thing

Oh look, more people for scale…..apparently it was VERY busy! :D

Adriana managed to get them all in, by going all arty farty. Love the dof!

And here’s one where they all made it into the shot, without the humans for scale…must have been very lucky to get this one Adriana!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to shoot these for me!

Another bubbler – Shane Smart apparently had a display of the same amount of prints opposite these as well! And EIRobbo also had a print there!! A good day for the bub ;)

Here’s the previous journal with the list of pics.

PMA Australia

No idea what PMA stands for, but Canon will be showing 7 of my images in a display of photos printed from their EOS People’s Gallery.

Needless to say I’m not able to make it to the show, but feel free to Ooo and Ahhh at the slideshow on my behalf :)

Hope you all enjoy!

They will include:- The Day of the Dicky

A Perfect Day


John and Mick

What’s cookin

Electrical Jazz

and Currumbin Pano

Many of these images have come about because of the wonderful people here at Redbubble, with collaborations, and my ongoing photographic journeys with Nick Lagos.

Thanks so much everyone!

Where will the children go?

We had most of our city flooded early this year, and at the time nearly every park for miles around went under water. A good deal of this state went under water!!…

Parks are generally placed on marginal ground, where no one wants to, or is allowed to build homes. Since the flood, all of the playgrounds have been fenced off, with council citing contamination and other reasons…..

Six months later, and they’re all still fenced off in this area. Hundreds of thousands of kids finish school today for a fortnights break, and there are no parks able to be used for play, picnics, or recreation of any kind….Where are they going to go?

I’ve asked my local and state member to see if the gates of the schools can be left open so that the grounds can be used during the holidays, and I think if you’re in


We still buy the Saturday newspaper, however I rarely have time to read more than the few columnists I like.

Kathleen Noonan is the Courier Mail’s resident street philosopher, country born, straight talking, city wise, and a great reader. I turn to her column first. Here’s her latest:-

REPORTING in Laos years ago, I stayed with a family whose only source of protein were rats caught in the nearby field.

They roasted them on sticks. Rat, I can tell you, tastes a lot like rat. Read more

Repulsion is part of diversity

by Penelope Trunk

One thing I have learned from living on a farm is that you are not really experiencing diversity unless you are also experiencing repulsion.

We each have lots of assumptions about what is right and wrong, how the world works, how people should act in a civilized community. When faced with true diversity – that is, diversity of experience — we have to allow our assumptions to be challenged. It’s hard to not feel some repulsion for the person who challenges our core assumptions.


MONA in Hobart…….

This is what FREEDOM of expression is all about. Parody, satire, in your face, it’s the Aussie way…..

Bravo David Walsh!

A trip to Tasmania should include a visit to MONA if you are open minded, otherwise stick to retail.

I’ll do a more comprehensive journal when I get home – but beware, it’ll be NSFW!


Baby clothes update

Some of you may remember about the forum suggestion I made about changing the default settings on t-shirts. There’s been another response from Redbubble tonight:-…

We’ve started implementing some changes in response to this suggestion, including updates to the t-shirt upload process, and some new guidelines on content on children’s clothing. We will be removing the kids clothing product option for all tees which currently have the NSFW filter applied. Changes will be rolling out over the next few days and we’ll post another update shortly.

Natalie Tyler

I and others have been bugging admin for a response to this for a few weeks now, so it’s good to know that we finally have a public reply. Here’s to a quick resolution to this problem.

If you see any t-shirts that are NSFW content, and the

Accessing the Knowledge Base

I’m the sad owner of a Sandisk Extreme Pro compact flash card that has had to be replaced twice already, and it’s crashed AGAIN!!!!!! It doesn’t work in my camera, and it isn’t recognised in the computer….each time I sent it back to Sandisk, they replaced it, however it has taken over 2 months to get it replaced! Meanwhile, I’ve lost the use of a 32Gb card!

Has anyone else had a problem with their Sandisk Card? I should point out that I’ve also had a 16Gb one replaced, for the same reason….Windoze vista…yeah yeah, I know….canon 5D Mk II, and Sandisk Extreme Pro…a deadly combination, it seems…


News flash - breaking news

We aren’t hearing what is happening in those parts of the world where disasters have struck, so here are some updates, for those who care.…

There are nearly half a million people left homeless after floods, cyclones, earthquakes and tornadoes around the world, and that is JUST since January, 2011.

Please consider the needs of these people, they need help, they need housing, they need clothing, and they need food. Volunteers are still trying valiantly to do what they can, but we can also help with donations to the various organisations.

Just in my area there are many houses where the residents can not move back in, there is still no power because they can’t afford to repair the houses enough to be able to make them habitable. The owners of these houses can’t afford to pay their mortgages, b

Well, I did it....

Since I was lucky enough to be at Woody Point when that storm flew over, I decided to enter some panorama images into the EPSON International Pano Awards.

Woody Point Pano scored 83 in the Open category, and was awarded a Silver.

Another version with a lady photographing the storm scored 82 points in the Amateur category and was awarded a silver

Reflecting scored 81 in the Amateur Category and was awarded a silver

This shot of Zieben shot with my infrared camera, of three shots that were stitched together scored 72 points, and was awarded a Bronze in the Amateur Category.

All in all a satisfying result, considering I’ve not done much with panoramas til now. Thanks so much to Nick for taking me to Woody Point for that storm!

Sorry to spoil the party

Its been burning me up that some of my friends are so very upset because their dearest friends are leaving Redbubble….it burns me up when I see a constant barrage of complaining against these two specific subjects.…

Has anyone noticed that most of the people yelling the loudest are still very happily using another social network that hosts not one, but SIX pages of the site that people are complaining about here…

65,376 people like this page

I haven’t seen anything from them protesting on those pages…

and then I did a search on one of the other big complaints, celebrating the death of a terrorist….

167,174 people like this page…

and that page likes another 5 (that I bothered to check) pages that do the same thing

AND THEN I went to some of the other sites that have been touted as quite saf

Baby clothes

I’ve left a suggestion in the redbubble suggestions forum asking for people to vote on whether, when you upload a t-shirt, the baby clothes option is one that you must check, rather than it being a default setting.…

I’ve seen the HH fight turn into an absolute witch-hunt over baby clothes with incredibly offensive sayings and pictures. There is no way that these baby clothes are condoned by Redbubble, we all KNOW that, and Martin has repeated it, over and over. My guess is that the staff are on their weekend break (IT IS MOTHER’S DAY HERE IN OZ) and there have not been enough people to handle the reports, let alone remove the works.

Please support this with your votes, and hopefully the problem can start to be addressed. Please also be reasonable about the time-span needed to remove these


There are many things on Redbubble that disturb us, including my nudes, evidently, however, I would like to point out that there is a way to bring it to the notice of the staff. Report any work that you feel doesn’t fit within the guidelines, and do it with grace and politeness, and I’m sure that you’ll be listened to. Keep in mind the people who are trying to run this place can’t possibly see everything that goes through, so it’s up to us to make them aware.…

Linking to offending work in the forums and journals just gives the perps more free advertising, and, in fact, gives them more support from people who many not have seen it before. Send the report in, instead, especially if it’s involving messages of hate on kid’s clothing…..otherwise, what I’m seeing, is you’re actually doing what y


After a talk with Adrian Donoghue, and some soul searching, I decided to try my luck again at 1×.com.…

They emailed me to let me know that I was invited to upgrade so that my prints can be sold…..and I dithered for a week or so, then spoke to Adrian. I know that he’s been doing extremely well there, having many of his images published, however I’d fallen in a hole, and not managed to have an acceptance in months! This is despite repeated success with international competitions through the FIAP and PSA auspices.

Adrian suggested that using the feedback from 1x is as good as any judging, and helps him to decide whether to go on with the image, or discard it and try something else. Because of competition in both Nationals and internationals we do tend to need some (mostly) unbiased feedback

Ladies Auxiliary Group

I’ve broken my rule to not enter challenges by getting a little inspired by the one in the Ladies Auxiliary Group – Meeting of two minds challenge

I contacted Alex when I saw her request for someone to work with, and we’ve come up with a very pretty result, however there aren’t any images entered into the challenge!

So….here’s the thing….is there anyone out there who wants to give this a go, and make it a bit of a competition? Two artists, different genres, get together and produce something for this comp, please!?

Ladies Auxiliary

APS National photographic competition

Here’s your chance to participate in a National comp, where the winners and some awarded images will be shown at APSCON, the Australian Photographic Society’s conference, which will be held in Port Macquarie this September.

Click on the image and you’ll be taken to the page where you can read the rules, and enter your work. Don’t forget, you have to be in it to win it!

Good luck everyone!

Things change

I’ve had a phone call this morning from Anne O’Connor who let me know that a journal I wrote about a month ago attributed an article in the Australian Photography magazine incorrectly, and that in fact the article had been written by Anne. I’ve edited my journal to reflect that, however my journal has since been republished in the Ballarat Camera Club’s newsletter, so it also has the wrong author mentioned. It brought home to me how errors can be compounded without my even trying! Sometimes I’m convinced that little disasters follow me wherever I go….lol!…

I thought I’d also tie off a few loose ends from other journals I’ve posted recently….

Some of you may recall that I shared a link to a site that had a raft of my 1x images in their albums – well, the site responded quickly, and my imag

Sydney exhibition

Only one week, but what a massive show!

Charles McKean has curated this amazing exhibition, opening next Friday, May 6th, in Mary Place Gallery, 12 Mary Place, Paddington, Sydney….6pm!

89 photographers including the superb Tracey Stevens, the amazing Peter Hill, the fabulous Paul Louis Villani, the wonderful Roberto Duran, and other notables like Bob Hawke, Kate Fitzpatrick, Kamahl, Peter Eastway, Mark Trevorrow, and many many others! And don’t miss the magnificent Tracey Mac

The show is open from the 7th to the 15th of May – 11am to 6pm….

Sigh - free wallpapers of YOUR work!?

Another site that’s using ripped off work and offering them as wallpapers

and they have the gall to put copyright on their home page????

Check it out for your work, they’ve lifted a stack of my 1×.com images…

EDIT – my images have now been removed from the site, however there are still many many more images there that are clearly copyright infringements….as with all sites though, it’s up to the original artists to claim their work, and prove that there’s been an infringement….so, if your work is there, then go and let the site owners know….

April 28th

If you’re in Brisbane on April 28th, here’s your chance to catch the amazing Bertie Page and her fwuffy fwiends :)

Story Bridge Photographic Climb Offer

Some of you may remember the journal I posted about the climb a group of us took, well, I’ve been contacted by the gentleman running the show, and they’ve made me a great offer to share with my Redbubble watchlist!

Anyone who wants to claim 20% off a Story Bridge climb, just has to mention that they read the “Mel Brackstone blog” when they book on 1300 254 627, and it’ll be theirs! This is good for both the Photographic Climbs or regular Story Bridge Adventure Climbs.

Coming into Winter means the sunset will be quite a lot earlier than it was when I went, so you’ll have to take that into consideration if you’re going straight from work. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite being absolutely terrified of heights….Give it a go, the prices are great, imho!

Blocking ads

Now we’re very lucky here on RedBubble to not be plagued by thousands of flashing ads in our faces all the time, however out there in the big wide world of the web a lot of sites are hitting us with all their worth!

This is where ABP comes in. Adblock is an extension you can download for Firefox, Safari and Google, and even though they’re not developed by the same people, essentially they do the same thing, and that’s got to make your surfing experiences so much more enjoyable! (Well it does mine, anyway.)

So here are the links to download the various versions.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


This is not a paid ad….and I’m not a help desk for them either…..just sayin :)

Oh, and Internet Explorer does not support freedom from ads…

Once again

Without a phone while telstra dithers over when they can come and fix the problem they didn’t fix properly last week.


Group images!

Yay, now you can see what images you have in a group by going to the group’s home page, and clicking on the red EDIT button!

Click on ’My Works" and there they are!!

Thanks Redbubble!!!!!!!!

Nudes and stuff

There seems to be a lot of confusion over why so many nudes are appearing in the image feeds across the top of your My Bubble pages. And, it seems, a LOT of complaints about this “Family Site” having more porn than fine art.…

As far as I know Redbubble forbids anyone under the age of 16 being a member, and asks that all who post nudes place the NSFW filter on their work.

Well, here’s what you do, if you don’t want to see them.

Go to your My Bubble, click on the little arrow next to My Activity, and scroll down to the grey words Configure MyBubble

Click on that, and you’ll be taken to the “Feeds” page.

Here you can choose to add New Work and Favs of your watchlist, and Group Features.

If you check just the New Work box, and choose your watchlist wisely, you’ll be able to see work that you

Snow Leopard

Seriously, you have to pay shipping for a download??

Now Ross tells me we actually CAN’T download the upgrade, but have to travel to the apple store??

Something DID happen

Thank you all for your lovely comments, and all the horrible stories too! I know it’s an awful nightmare getting service these days, and the fact I don’t have good reception here for my Vodafone mobile, and none whatsoever for a Telstra one, it gets expensive trying to get through!…

Using my mobile for internet isn’t much fun either, since my eyes aren’t too good, and my fingers are clumsy….texting takes forever!

So anyway, we have our phone back, because Scott went out this morning to check the line himself. Where it joins into the house, there is an opening in the conduit (don’t know why) and when he checked, he saw that the wires had been chewed through….probably by a rat…

We had something similar earlier in the year, and we were told to shove some plasticine down the conduit to stop th

Sigh - some thing is happening

Once again Telstra has let us down. Last night our phone line went dead, again! This is the fourth time this year, and each time i have to use my dicky Vodafone mobile to ring them, because we don’t have reception for telstra here!!!

After being on hold for ages, after trying to get the stupid voice recognition thing to understand, after going through the interminable list of things that we KNOW are NOT causing the problem, they do the line test, finally, and very quickly agree that there IS a fault!

Now we have to wait for up to three days for them to come out and patch it up, again!!! Clearly they are NOT fixing the problem, only doing a temporary fix!

Sincere thanks to Lisa Jewell for her help last night!!!

Still life - in training

Thank you so much to everyone for your comments and input on this image I posted today…

I’ve taken on board all you have to say, and added my own thoughts after seeing it live on redbubble, and so here is what I’ve come up with. The original above was my attempt at chiaroscuro style, however the shadows on the wall were a little too dark after the processing, and of course the red grapes have disappeared into the shadows as well. Perhaps green grapes could have handled the deep shadows better. I’ll try that again next time I have a moment spare!

This is what I came up with tonight

and here it is in monochrome

and for those who were wondering, here’s the original small jpg, uncleaned and unstraightened, straight from the cam

It’s been a very interesting exercise for me, trying to compo

I don't get it

Sadly, I’m finding that there are more and more people who seem to spend their entire lives spreading negativity, distrust and angst. They highlight only the bad things that they see, but never ever have anything to say about the good things. They take much pleasure in putting people down who might try to share positive experiences etc. Then mob mentality takes over, and the angry people make other people angry, which then spreads even more.…

Now I know that media has worked that angle forever, which is why I don’t bother spending too much time watching television or listening to the radio, let alone reading the news online. However, with the amount of disasters that have befallen so many in the world in the last couple of years, why can’t any of them share some good stories, some hopeful

If you had a $200 redbubble voucher

If you had a $200 redbubble voucher, what would you buy?

I’m interested in hearing what people would choose if they were given the chance to get something for themselves. Personally, since I’m running out of wall space, I’d probably choose a heap more cards, and possibly a t-shirt or two.

What would you pick?

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Whilst there has been a great deal of death and destruction around the country and the world this year, there is also a good bit of recovery work being done. Here is a link that could be useful if you’re in Queensland, and are part of a club or organisation that was affected by the floods or the cyclones.…

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority is seeking our help to spread the word about the new Join Forces program.

If you are involved with, or know of, a local community group or club that has been affected by the Queensland floods or cyclones, please forward this Join Forces link – and encourage them to sign up to the program.

The ‘Join Forces’ website connects flood and cyclone-affected sporting clubs, community groups and other not-for-profits with corporate and private sponsors who c

Lensbaby have a new optic!!!!!!

OMG….Sweet 35, with 12 blade internal aperture…..WOW!

They’ve also released a new non-bendy lens called Scout, and a whole new creative aperture kit! Scout comes with the fisheye optic, but can also be used with the other swap optics to give you the blur, but not the bend….

Streaming video

I’m the first to admit I’m cinematically challenged, as well as a facebook novice, however this particular blog from Roger Ebert makes a great deal of sense, regarding streaming video. I’ll be following his lead, and giving FB a wide berth on the movie front….


Now we have the opportunity to show off our art in the order that we want…’s just a matter of going to your my bubble page and clicking on “Your Portfolio”…

You’ll see under that “All Work” and under that, “New Collection”

All you need do is click on New Collection, name it, save it, and drop and drag the images you want to share from the images on the right, over the name of your collection. When you’re done, you can add more new collections. You can add the same image to any and all of the collections, and the options are unlimited in what categories you can choose, as far as I know!

I discovered that you can make the top one bigger than the others if you choose an odd number of collections, so that can be a feature….

We’ve had lots of time to prepare for this, starting from when we


I’m sorry to say I haven’t been able to reply to all you lovely people out there. We have had our phone line cut by Telstra, who came to fix it yesterday, disabled it completely, and then disappeared without testing it. Three hours after they cut us off I received a text saying the problem had been fixed. Needless to say, we weren’t very happy, and had to report the error.

Now they won’t be back til Sunday! Funny, when you ring they say they really want to know how you feel the service you received has gone. They always hang up before i can leave that much needed feedback!

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with everyone soon. The smart phone thing is very tiresome when trying to navigate web sites.

Have a good weekend everyone!

The making of a storm chaser

So, here’s the thing….I’m TERRIFIED of lightning, and would rather bury my head under a pillow in the safety of my own home than be out there chasing photos of storms….…

For months now, Nick Lagos has been urging me to come chasing with him, and I’ve resisted…. because I am seriously noise challenged…. the head injury I suffered years ago has made me very sensitive to noise, and lightning, when it does its thang, manages to make some horrendously loud sounds!!!

Monday morning, while I’m tootling along here at the computer, with nothing much happening, and me putting off doing the taxes, I received an email from Nick saying that there were storms brewing….Nick is one of those marvellous people who thirsts for knowledge, and so he does an amazing amount of research into these events. He find

People finder - Christchurch

You may have heard that a major earthquake hit Christchurch in New Zealand this morning.…

Google has set up a people finder for those looking to find friends and relatives

Please share this with as many people as possible.


If you know someone in Christchurch please don’t ring them, but text, if possible. Phone lines are way overloaded and calls could stop emergency services from getting through

Here’s a link to an interactive map that’s been set up to show damage as it’s reported

The main square in Christchurch has been badly hit, and the steeple of the cathedral has fallen over : ( Lyttleton was the epicentre, apparently it’s unliveable now! : (

My heart goes out to all in NZ! Stay safe people!

I’m looking for someone

I have information about someone

Some live news

How to quit your job gracefully

I may have mentioned this before, Penelope Trunk is a bit of a loony, which is why I relate to her so well, I suspect. She does, however, have a way of cutting to the chase, and making quite a lot of sense, on most occasions.

Here’s one of the blogs I read recently, which seems to be quite relevant

In a chat I had with the other Mel she mentioned her father’s creed:- graciousness, gratitude and generosity….these three words have a lot of impact…

He’s a smart person, I just wish there were more like him.


I’ve been lucky to have won a few books over the past few years, when competing at, so thought I’d do some reviews, since I’ve quite enjoyed them, and made use of what I’ve learnt.…

The prizes have been sponsored by Capricorn Link here in Australia, so thank you so much Elaine!

Worth looking out for these in your local bookstores….

Photography Essentials – FULL FRAME by David Noton.

David is a top landscape photographer, who travels the world looking for those special photographs. There are 10 chapters in ten different locations from around the world, and in each he tries to explain his motivation, inspiration and techniques for taking the amazing images you see in front of you. His book explains in detail a great deal of the trouble he goes to to find his subjects and loca

24mm Tilt Shift

I know a few of you out there have this lens, I’ve tried to use one, once…probably be a lifetimes work for me to make it work….anyway, here’s a blog from a gentleman who uses the lens….if anyone is interested…

Click on the photo:-

Image belongs to Dennis Frates, and I’ve linked to the Singh Ray blog, which explains a little of how Dennis achieves his images. There is also a link to Dennis’s own website, where he’s uploaded over a hundred images from his recent trip.

I'm totally crazy

Cos last night I climbed the Story Bridge…..…

shakes head….

John North, the gentleman in charge of running our international competition group, organised a group booking for photographers to climb the bridge with our cameras. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb people offer photo trips on a regular basis, the rules are strict, but it’s worth the effort, believe me.

All these images are taken straight from the camera, the first one was shot with a Canon G12, I believe, all of the others are from the Canon 5D Mk II with 14mm fisheye.

Here are the people from the first group, from the left, John North, me, Diane, Noel, Pia, Scott, Tony, Ralph, Sue and Ian…this photo was taken by our intrepid leader Simon.

Since this was a sunset shoot we had to start around 5pm, to get kitted up and briefed. By


I’m getting too old, or the art is getting too pissweak to allow you to actually see it….but it seems all the slideshows of art I see lately are full of transitions of flipping, zooming, multiplying, fracturing, and zipping around the screen….wtf?

Are we not meant to be able to see the images, or are people so bored with images they need the transitions to provide action and drama rather than pictures??

(It’s kinda like animated gifs….you know you CAN do it, but you really don’t have to)

that’s my rant for the day, it’s monday, and I’m supposed to be doing the books…

It's the little things....

For the first time in months (it seems) we slept on sheets that had been dried in the sun…..…

We take so much for granted here in the Sunshine State…however we have just had the wettest year in decades, and the inevitable flood has left many people with wrecks for houses and businesses. Some will just walk away, and who can blame them?

Scott has been down at the industrial complex where we have our shed/studio every day for over two weeks, first packing things up and moving them out, then cleaning out the mud, then organising all the others in the complex to get their rubbish out and cleared away, and then to restore the electricity. His tireless work means they’re one of the first in the area to have power back….

The businesses that are being run from the complex are nearly all working ag


I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your well wishes, thoughts, and offers of help. It’s all been a little overwhelming, and I’m gratified that there is still so much good in the world.

I’d love to be able to spend the time getting back to you all individually, however time and dicky internet means that things aren’t likely to get back to normal for a long time. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to catch up with everything I’ve missed :(

Once again we’re waiting on Telstra to come and see if they can repair this phone line, and I’m off to do some more cleaning and clearing….

So please, accept my humble thanks for all your lovely comment and offers, they’re all very much appreciated!


All clear

The water went down enough today for us to get in and hose, shovel and sweep the mud out of scott’s shed. Luckily it didn’t come high enough to affect upstairs, so all my studio is safe, although the mud is going to stink up the place for awhile, I think.…

Thank you SO much everyone for your fabulous messages of love and support, it helped to know that you were all thinking of us.

One of my brothers and my mum was also affected and had to be evacuated, and another brother in WA has had his home in Mandurah under threat of fire storms, and scott’s nephew lost his car in the Toowoomba tsunami, so it’s been a trying time for us here, although we are all safe! I charged my phone at another sister’s place….and watched a little of the news while I was there….amazing what you miss out on when you


We are ok. Isolated with no power but safe.

Scotts shed is under water and the studio could be too

Good luck to all in these trying times

Queensland Floods

I lived in a house that went under water in 1974, and vowed I’d make sure the home I moved to was above the flood line. Today, I read that 8 are dead and 72 are missing in the Toowoomba-Lockyer Valley area, after some “inland tsunamis” hit! Torrential downpours caused flash flooding in Toowoomba.…

I read on twitter last night that a 7m high wall of water was travelling along Lockyer Creek….this morning we have discovered there are many many people missing..

If you have a moment to drop into your bank, please leave a donation for the flood appeal. I’ll be donating all my profits from Jan and Feb to it!


shows the flood of water heading down the range….photo by Chris Otto, there’s a Toowoomba Flood Group on Facebook, where locals are showing their images. Here’s another page wi

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