Want to make some extra cash over Christmas?

Become a professional photographer!!!

Consumer affairs blog The Consumerist caused a stir earlier this week by offering the following advice to people looking to earn some extra cash for the holidays:

Become a photographer. Most photographers will tell you that persistence is at least as important as skill in creating great work. If you know people who are looking to take portraits or holding a social function, offer to shoot it for free and sell them the pictures if they like them.

Needless to say, the suggestion caused quite an angry response from actual photographers, who equated the tip with telling people to buying a hammer in order to become an independent contractor.

Stan Horaczek over at PopPhoto has also written up a lengthy response. It looks like people are taking Missy’s advice quite seriously.

A woman who calls herself “Missy” has launched a new channel on YouTube dedicated to tongue-in-cheek videos on how easy being a professional photographer is. It’s pretty funny how much bad advice she can give while staying in character and keeping a straight face. The informative first video is on using the professional mode (“P”) on your camera to take advantage of your professional DSLR.

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