How to make life more interesting..

I read Penelope Trunks blog regularly, as I may have mentioned, she’s a bit of a nutter, but her writings appeal to me…here’s the latest on her blog from guest writer Fabian Cruse, of The Friendly Anarchist

How to make life more interesting

This brings to mind the redbubble hope that everyone can bring out the inner child by being creative again….as adults we tend to lose that…..

As kids, we still play freely and explore the world as if it was a big and beautiful Wonderland. Sometimes we fall down, sometimes we rip our clothes, sometimes we scratch our elbows. And still, we continue to explore, we continue to live an interesting life.

Disclaimer I haven’t read Fabian’s blog as yet, but am doing so now…..

I also follow @GoodDump, @FatherBob and @SimonPegg amongst others. Twitter has given me so much that is interesting….

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