Showing off your different categories

Adding lists of categories to your profile or descriptions:-

The first, and most important thing you need to do is tag your work, making sure the tags are relevant. People search for subjects, colours, locations…all sorts of things!

When you are tagging for your categories, make sure you use categories that are going to make sense to you. My seascape tag is “beach” and I’ll add it to all my seascapes.

When doing a category link, it’s just a matter of bringing them all together using this url

http:/ / people/ MelBrackstone/ portfolio/ beach (remove the spaces to get the result…)

For your own categories, of course, you change melbrackstone to your own nick/or name….and if it’s t-shirts or writing you might need to change those words too…just check out the results by pasting it into your browser.

Then we come back to making a link. Using the quotes around your title – “Seascapes” then a colon : and then the url, the link will look like this


There are no spaces between the quotes, colon or url…..

get to it everyone, tag and categorise your work!!

Bullet list them with the hash key, and a space….

Thanks to Ian Ker for reminding me, it’s also possible to link directly to the categories of your bubble site, if you so wish. Open up one of the categories in your bubble site, and grab the URL from there, and use that instead of the normal art link…

For example, my Surreal gallery in my bubble site url is

and the link would look like this Surreal images

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