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I’m not big on words, and to be honest reading endless forum threads just bores me. A quote I saw the other day is very relevant, I think “Saturation of information is the enemy of knowledge” and I think that basically sums up my thoughts on the matter.

I look for the things that interest me, go straight to the heart of what I’m after, look up tutorials, and start doing.

Here’s a link to the latest entry in the Seascapes Forum, which explains a little more about how to sell your work, I find it illuminating, since I’ve never been very good at promoting myself or my work.

  1. Bubblemail me if you’d like to be a “featured artist” and which photo you’d like to have included and why.
  1. Bubblemail me if you’ve got any suggestions you’d like to keep secret for the moment,
  1. Please leave comments here or in the forum if you’d like to get feedback on your work or the Group.

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