I’d like to say first and foremost I love the bubble for allowing me to show off my work, particularly as I’m still learning, which means that the quality of my work when I first came here wasn’t as good as it is starting to get now. I can thank the lovely helpful people I’ve met along the way for helping me focus better on what works and what doesn’t. As much as I loathe the negativity in the forums, I read some of the threads there and learn from them too, so thanks so much everyone for your support, or not, it’s all making me a better photographer.

I’ve got a secret to share, regarding my seascapes. I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend who is very keen to get the perfect seascape shot, and for that reason I’ve been getting up at 2am or so to drive out to his place so we can then continue on to beaches 2 or more hours away, just so we can be there before dawn. The weather has to be right, there has to be clouds, the tides need to be doing the right things, and there needs to be rocks as foreground and or middle ground interest. In the 18 months that we’ve been following this course, we’ve managed to capture some amazing photos, and the shoot that gave me all these latest photos was the best so far. It’s taken his dedication to getting the conditions right, and a little bit of work from me with a camera and PS to produce this work, so please, when you look at my seascape photos, say thanks to Nick Lagos, its all down to him. His shots are a million times better, believe me!

For those of you who may be interested in what kit I’m using, I have a battered Canon 5D, I use a 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens, and I bought the Lee filters to fit the wide angle so that I don’t get vignetting. I use both ND and ND grey grads, and combinations of them all, but only 2 at the most.

My Manfrotto 190D tripod is not as heavy as it should be, but does a reasonable job, and I always have the cable release tied around the stalk between head and legs. I’m using the 322 RC head on the tripod, but I also really should have a level to put onto the hot shoe….keep forgetting to buy one…other than that I shoot in raw and small jpg, so I can run a quick slideshow on a laptop if necessary, or even when I get home to the clunker. I use ps and photomatix to get the best out of the shots, and my ability to use ps has been learnt through going through tutorials on the net and in manuals. Since maths and me don’t get on, I really have no idea why things work, only that sometimes I get a good result if I do “this” or “that”

I get a lot of inspiration from the artists here, I can’t thank you all enough for showing me new subjects and processes. Once I read about some new technique I’ll google it and find out more. I recommend this to anyone who may want to improve their work. I’m technically challenged when it comes to using a camera, although I’m learning more and more the longer I shoot. I’ve only been shooting semi-seriously since 2004, and only came off P on my camera in late 2005. I still don’t shoot on M, unless I’m after a particular result that I want to try….and that’s how I work….hit and miss :) It’s all been digital, starting with a Canon G2, then powershot pro1, then 20D.

So, thats my story, sorry if it’s a little boring, but I needed to clear up some misconceptions that I might actually know what I’m doing! There’s absolutely no truth to that rumour, its all down to Nick’s need to get the “Big Pic” and I’ve just been swept along with his enthusiasm. As all his loyal subjects will attest, he’s the best thing that’s happened to us, those of us who’ve been lucky enough to be taken into the fold,
so once again, thanks Nick, the legend lives on buddy!

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