Knock On Wood

There was once a time when Mitch and me would be speeding and drunk out of our skulls, smoking pot and dropping acid and e’s. We’d go out and raise hell, do whatever whenever because we felt like it.
Then there was that song that went “Never had to knock on wood…” and we looked at each other, puzzled – wondering exactly what it meant. Nevermind, didn’t matter then because we just had too much fun to have all bulletproof, fucking around with any drug we could find. And then we met Heroin…
First smoking then injecting the hand of God an’ all that. It is some years later and you’ve been dead, overdosed seven now. Oh, guess what mate, I discovered the meaning of the song, you remember the one that says " never had to knock on wood, but I’m sure it isn’t good, and I’m glad I haven’t yet, that’s the impression that I get.."
I saw your body all fucked up and broken and devoid of life lying in your wooden casket, and you know what I did mate? I said ‘See Ya’ as I knocked on the casket as I left the ‘viewing’.
The song made sense after all.

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