Exhibition Review

Art Rage

This piece of art was viewed at the Art Rage Exhibition in Inveresk. This piece of art is very appealing and caught my attention. The untitled piece is very simple, yet conveys are very powerful message through the medium of photography.

The photograph is in the setting of an abandon tattered room. The rundown room is very basic consisting of a fire place, a window and chandelier. The photograph has two models. The first is a women sitting in the corner on a chair. The other is a younger girl. The younger girl is faded to create a ‘ghostly’ figure. In the series of photographs the women remains seated in her chair. The young girl approaches her in the 3 shots. As she approaches the woman, the woman’s head slightly turns in her direction.

The photographs are all A4 size. The size of the image suits the setting of the photograph. The actual photographs are no very complex, which creates the photograph to clear and accurate. Furthermore the space in the photograph gives room for the ‘ghostly’ figure to approach the women sitting the corner of the room.

The series of photographs are all greyscale. There are many reasons for this. The first reason being to create an old fashion look, the models compliment this also by wearing old styled clothes. Another reason for the use of grey scale is to create a dullness or bluntness of the photograph. The final reason being more technical technique, you can tell by looking at the photograph that behind greyscale there are many different tones and colours. By using grey scale the tones are evened out are creates more focus on the photograph.

The messages conveyed through the art piece are powerful. There are many different ideas, issues and messages in the photography. The first being depression. The women in the chair look as if she is depressed. The photographs represent her as the photo is dull, empty and gloomy. Depression in today’s society is a major issue. Photography by Cindy Sherman is closely related to *. Cindy Sherman bases her photography on a variety of issues of the modern world, especially the role of women and their issues.

Another issue presented in the piece is insecurity. The woman the chair looks insecure by the positioning of the models. She looks as if the approaching ‘ghostly’ figure is a deceased younger sister or daughter. The woman in the chair looks as if she is uncomfortable by the figure.

The setting of the photograph gives a dull vibe. The building is old and in bad condition. There is paint peeling off the walls, wrecked floor boards and generally looks old. The room is represents emptiness with nothing but a chair and two models. The room which the photo was taken in makes the model look trapped as she is positioned in the corner and there is no exit or door in the photograph. The building which the photographs were taken gives a dramatic and disturbing touch.

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