Love This Bubble!

Hey, here’s a little reflection on the joy of bubbles…back in my crazy 20’s I lived with my best friend Jenifer in a funny little narrow apartment situated in what we lovingly reffered to as…“a transitional neighborhood” well, it didn’t transition in the 3 years we lived there and quite possibly still hasn’t but…I digress. Every night Jenifer and I and our mannequin Tammy would crank the tunes, The Smiths, Violent Femmes, Meat Puppets or old school Monkeys (if we were just being silly.) She(Jenifer) would disappear into her room ,cigarette dangling from her mouth,beer in hand..and I would in mirror fashion do the same into my room next door. 15 minutes to an hour later we would both re-emerge facing eachother in the long hall which ran the lenght of the entire apartment, to seek fashion approval. She, in a sweatshirt featuring a cubist inspired face ( still a bit tacky from the recently applied acrylic paint) and sporting a newly altered neckline(scissors still in hand).Tan shoulders exposed above the frayed fabric. This top widely belted over a short black mini skirt and completed by feet planted in vintage 1950’s suede stilleto’s from the thrift store.“That looks Great!” I offer over the thrum of the blown out speakers. I am wearing a man’s suit circa 1962, altered inexpertly minutes before to enhance the stovepipe quality of the brown striped pants. I complete the look with a skinny tie and a broad brimmed hat which I stole from Tammy, who is standing in the moveable glass eye staring at me accusingly as she has been left bald. Jenifer pipe up enthusiastially “I Love those pants!” Knowing we look amazing we would venture out, certain to encounter gorgeous men…into the redneck, straight-arrow populated, environs of Charlotte North Carolina. Yet another magical night (and they were) brought to us courtesy of “The Fashion Bubble”. You see it all looked so good in the context of our apartment. Unfortunately I have not been inside any Bubble I liked so well….Until….you guessed it! RedBubble! As with my outfits, I now enjoy the earnest encouragement of friends and while my writing perhaps shouldn’t venture out into the night…It is delightful to revel here in the Bubble. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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