My name is Meagen. But you can call me Meg.

Wow. Where to start. I am a 26 year old female. I am married. Happily. I have a son, he is 5 years old…and he is so awesome. Kindergarten starts this year! Yay!<p> I live in the country. I lived in Portland for a stint…but I can’t stand the huge amount of tweekers. Out in the middle of nowhere is a much better place for me. <p> I currently work at Raven Ink Tattoo…I am a manager there. It’s good times. <p> I

One day I hope to have enough funds to go to school. I would love to take mortuary science. I worked at a crematory. It was the one job I have ever had where I felt like I was making a difference in this world.

I know….that might seem a bit strange…but I feel that it is truly my calling.

So anyway…photography…
I have been playing with cameras for a good stint. And I say “playing” because thats what I do. If I over-analyze my shots…they turn out crappy. So…I try my best to let it flow.

I use photoshop to crop and brighten only. None of my shots have been enhanced other than that.

I might start to play with CS2 a bit more. We shall see.

I am a ringside photographer for the International Fight League (Fox Sports Network)

I enjoy cemetery photography.

I am set to start working with some models soon…(gasp) and truth be told, I’m nervous. People can be a pain in the ass…and the thought of directing someones every move…and hoping the shots turn out….Oi.
Its hard not to over-analyze things when you have someone breathing down your neck for a
“rad set”.

Who I would like to meet—-
All of the people that I choose to call my friends in real life are genuine, kind and relativly deranged..if this is you..hit me up.


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Thanks to whomever bought "The Grotto"

You rock my world:)
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Holy Crap I sold stuff! And I never knew it! THANKYOU!

I sold— / A mounted print of “EarthBound”.. / 5 cards of “Earthbound” / A laminated print of “Forever” / 2 cards of “Forever” / 1 Card of “whats really at the end of the rainbow” / 2 Cards of “top of hill in color” / And a card of “sunset” / I am kind of tripping out! I never knew that you had to check to se…
Posted about 11 years – 4 comments / I need one…and I am starting up the “Meagen needs this camera” fund. / neeeed / waaaaant / Seriously..this camera makes me tingle. With delight. If you know what I am sayin. / This camera is right around $50,000 USD. / Skweeeee! / I just want to play with one. / sigh
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