First entry

Wearing the broken ring- half a turquoise butterfly.
I tried to fix it but the super-glue didn’t dry.
Half a mood, half a mind, half perfect.
Yesterday she glared at me- in the house and as she drove away. She used my full name, her voice, seared with disapproval. Disgusting Megan.
My anger hides beneath a hippie smile. Smile, laugh, love the world and everything will go your way.
No money is freedom,
Sorrow is living,
And sadness, sadness is the excuse.

I told you now its ugly- won’t take it back.
Because of a slip in torrential rain
Rain that soothes
If the sun comes out I’ll probably…

Now I search for obscure poetry thinking words will be my landslide.

I didn’t start it. I was lying in bed on the edge of sleep. Having half dreams about: the sand still on my heels, in between my clothes;
The sticky sap in my hair, the splotchy bruises on my feet
and my red scratched thigh.
He came into the bedroom with his quart bottle
I asked him to close the door.
He lay down, I closed my eyes and tried to breathe deeply
his body crept
closer to mine,

….. this is just something i very quickly jotted down the other day after a very crazy week!

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