Its so hard knowing your so close to me…
But we’re not together.
If only i could explain the pain i feel.
My hearts broken into two, honestly im not even sure if its there anymore.
Your the only one to ever make me feel as if I’m actually loved.
Your the one i really connect with and the one who i can tell all my secrets to.
I thought we really had something, but it all disapeared just like that.
Now its so hard for me to look in the mirror and look at myself, the girl who will never be the perfect one for you.
People have told me " Things Happen for a reason," but I dont get it…
But yet i know its my fault, For being so negitive towards our realationship, but if thats what you want then i can’t stop you.
I just want you to know how much you mean to me. Since i really didn’t get the chance to tell you.
I not mad at you… and never will be.
I’m not going to push you into taken me back.
I’m learing to except… but very slowly.

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