"Look At Your Hair"

“Look at you hair” laughed Amy carelessly. Tom tried to pretend he was offended by storming out of the bathroom, Amy following behind him worried. “I didn’t mean it like that” she said to Tom, grabbing at his muscular arm to stop him from walking further away from her. He stopped and faced the wall so she could not see the smile on his face. He wanted to play the scenario out as long as he could.

“Baby……I’m sorry ok. I didn’t mean to upset you, honestly” said Amy frustrated at Tom for giving her the cold shoulder. Typical of Tom to have a little tantrum she thought to herself. He was always over reacting to jokes. From where she stood she could see Toms shoulders starting to shake a little and he bent his head down so to cover it even more from her sight. She began to fear she may have truly hurt him deeply, and now he was crying. Little did she know he was beginning to laugh, and in moments he would be able to contain himself no longer.

She approached him again and placed her hand against his back rubbing him gently to reassure him. In her best baby voice she cooed and carried on in an effort to stop this strange emotional outburst. Knowing that he had her totally convinced now he decided to show her that the trick was on her.

He slowly turned, with his hands covering his face. After a few moments of standing there he removed his hands and yelled “BOO”! She jumped about three metres back from where she had been standing and screamed with fright. He could not stop himself anymore. He fell to the floor holding his stomach laughing so hard that tears streamed down his face. “You are such an idiot” she yelled angry from the shock, and embarrassed she had been fooled so easily. “I really thought I had hurt you” she said defiantly, calmer now but with her arms crossed purposefully to show him she was angry.

He had paid no attention to her whatsoever; he was far too busy calling out “I got you” in between burst of laughter. He was still on the floor, holding his stomach. She walked to the nearby two seater couch and picked up the four fluffy cushions usually used to decorate the boring beige couch. Walking back towards him with her arms full, she called out “better watch your head Tom”. Again he paid no attention. She walked within a metre of him and began to throw the pillows at his head.

They hit him with quite an impact considering the pillows were fluffy. He coughed as they seemed to fill his mouth hit after hit. Four hits was clearly not enough pay back for her as she kept running around the room collecting the pillows again and again and launching them at his head as though this was a sitcom episode on repeat. She was beginning to have fun and started giggling as she threw them. “This….isn’t….funny Amy” he spat out between hits to his head. “Yes it is” she yelled delighted at the game she was having all on her own.

Surprising her suddenly Tom jumped up off the floor, two pillows falling off him as he did. He ran for her and panicking she sprinted away in the wrong direction. Looking back at him as she ran away, she headed straight for the two seater where the pillows once resided. Catching the corner of it with her knee, a loud “crack” was heard and she yelled in pain and fell over the sofa and landed ungracefully on the carpeted floor. “Amy are you ok”? Asked Tom concerned perhaps she had fractured her leg. “I don’t know, I think I am ok, my knee hurts badly though” she said sobbing and holding her knee.

“Here, let me have a look” Tom said gently removing Amy’s hands from her knee. He rolled up her pants softly and very carefully straightened her leg to check it could be moved. She winced a little, but there didn’t appear to be any major damage done. “No broken bones babe, but that’s going to be one nasty bruise and it will be a little hard to walk on for a couple of days” said Tom clinically. “You can tell you’re a nurse” she said wiping her eyes and starting to smile. “Glad to know I come in handy every now and then” he said, and she could here the smile in his voice.

“I think you might have to pamper me now” she giggled delighted at the new game that was just beginning. “Looks like it. How about some food, are you hungry?” he asked still holding her leg and now gently massaging her knee. “I am starving actually, so that would be nice” she replied softly. “Ok then, let me think about this. There are only two things I am good at; stir-fry and toasted sandwiches, so what’s it going to be me affair lady”? He asked laughing at his own inability to cook. “Hmmmm, well I am thinking that out of the abundant choices you have given me, I will have to pick the stir-fry” she said laughing whole heartedly. She always found it funny that he could save someone life but couldn’t operate the oven.

“Ok stir-fry it is then, but you are going to have to assist young lady” he said leaning in and planting a passionate kiss on her lips. Locked in an embrace for some time, the heat was starting to rise in the room; she was giving all the signals that she did not want this to stop. He pulled away from her suddenly knowing this and said “Ok now about the stir-fry, so you want chicken or beef?” “I will have stir-fry Tom” she laughed cheekily. “I don’t remember seeing any Tom in the freezer, but I will check again” he said walking to the kitchen. “I will have beef then” she yelled to him rolling her eyes and beaming at the same time.

Having removed the meat from the freezer, he returned with ice for her knee. She accepted it gratefully and just as she was applying it, he bent down and scooped her up into his arms. She giggled with joy as she was carried like a princess to the kitchen. He lent her up against the kitchen bench and began preparing the food. “Oy pass me something to cut up” she said. He slid the chopping board along the bench and brought her some tomatoes and Cabbage to slice. She sliced all of it in moments and then amused, stood watching Tom struggle with the art of cutting onions.

She was beginning to get bored waiting for Tom to finish the slicing so they could begin cooking. She picked up a handful of chopped vegetables and ditched them at his head. Squashing on impact the tomato slid down his face leaving a slimy film behind. He did not move, just smiled. “Think you’re tough huh?” she teased. He just kept slicing. She threw another handful of tomato at his head. Now his hair was covered. He still did not react. She reached in front of her and grabbed the soy sauce bottle and opened the lid slowly so as not to squirt herself. She hobbled over to Tom quickly and up-ended the bottle over his hair, giggling at her game.

He could be tolerant no more, so he picked up the onion and squashed it down into her hair as hard as he could. He knew she would smell like onions for days. With that she yelled “Game on”! Reaching to grab the nearest sauce or food they could get, the armed themselves for battle. They squirted, squashed, ditched and pushed food and sauce into each others hair and down each others clothes. They were soon yelling teasing insults and giggling like naughty teenagers. The stir-fry was now all over them, and all over the kitchen. Taking a jar of flour from a shelf in one hand and a bottle of BBQ sauce in the other he pinned her into a corner and doused her in one after the other. Sneezing from the flour, she looked like an uncooked cake. She grabbed at his head sticking her flour covered hands through his hair, and they both laughed until their sides hurt.

Panting from fun and crazy behaviour they paused and looked around the house. The pillows were all over the place, and food and sauce covered the kitchen and the nearby walls. “Oh crap – Harry is going to kill us when he comes home” mumbled Tom. Still covered in food they began cleaning up the mess they made. In their panic they began to niggle at one another. “You started the food fight” he said to her. “You never told me to stop” she fired back. All the laughter of the previous hour was suddenly evaporating from the room.

As their argument became bigger, they heard the front door open. Looking simultaneously at one another and then the house they stood motionless waiting for the lecture they were guaranteed to receive from Harry their house mate.

He walked in looking dishevelled and pale. He had clearly had a big night. “Hi Guys” called Harry. Neither Tom nor Amy replied, still hoping he would not come into the kitchen. They heard his footsteps come towards the kitchen and they shut their eyes waiting for Harry to scream. “Oh there you are….Tom……what the……..oh my god….what the hell did you do to your hair”? Asked Harry somehow not even noticing the house covered in food and mess. “Um…I dyed it Harry…you know…for something different” said Tom shyly. “Nah not big on it man, sorry” said Harry walking away from the kitchen. Calling behind him as he walked away, Harry yelled “I’m going to bed guys, I am so hung-over”.

Speechless, Tom and Amy stood in the kitchen looking at each other in disbelief. Slowly a smile crept on to both of their faces and they began to laugh. Amy moved back into the kitchen and picked up a handful of flour and said to Tom cheekily “See even Harry doesn’t like your hair”. Tom smiled and ran towards the sauce bottle as fast as he could yelling “Game on”.

"Look At Your Hair"

Flic Manning

St Kilda, Australia

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

Something a bit light and funny.

Artwork Comments

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