Hello Again....finally!

HI Everyone,

Thank you all for being so patient. No I did not drop off the earth lol but I moved State and had to wait for the internet to be reconnected here etc so its taken longer than I had hoped to be able to get back on to Red Bubble and start interacting with all you talented people again!

To my co-hosts please forgive my extended break from activity- I am here and ready to go now! I have missed my activity here more than you can know!

Its been a strange journey moving to the other side of Australia; leaving behind all family and friends, having to find a job (only just started working now), setting up a new house in a suburb you have never even seen till you arrived- but an exciting adventure none the less and I am bursting with new ideas for writing and can’t wait to start posting them up here.

I hope you all had fantastic breaks over the holiday season and that you have come back revitalised and ready to be creative.

I have decided that 2009 is my year of achievement in all areas of my life, I am very determined, and I am excited we will be taking that journey together.

I can’t wait to start reading and looking at your works!

xx Flic

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