Im Back

Hello everyone on RB, Just letting you kind people know that i am back ‘’sound like a frog horn’’ lol……But as i said in my last journal i was going for a operation, well i have had that and im just awaiting to find out how fare the growth has gone in my throut, i find out in four weeks.
It truely has been a comfort to know that i have so many people like
Penny Ewardes
Barssel ( Ray Martain )
Irene Burdell and thats just a few to name.
But to have such wonderful and loveing people like this, well it helps me alot in what im dealing with, id just like to say that i appreciate the support, love and concern that you all have given me.
I will always be grateful to you all for your thoughtfulness and consideration thankyou.
P.S I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

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