Im Back

Hi everyone on redbubble,
Im back, feel great after my trip, had such a wonderful time. Missed all you guys, the talks comments and the communication.
Id just like to say a big THANKYOU to all of those that keeped commenting on my work why i have been away. It was so very nice to come back and see wonderful comments made on my work. Also thanks to the amazimg people that left beautiful comments on my bubblemail.
Back to my trip, where do i start. oh um Durras not fare from batemans bay. Durras is the most wonderful place with lots of things to do like the discovery trail, point upright walk along the beach with highlights: Rock platforms, cliffs of point upright, grasshopper island and possible sightings of dolphins and whales. Also kangaroos wildlife birds and much more.
Another great place where i stayed was a place called Gradys at burrier north of nowra, i discovered the historic gold mines, the state forest, bushwalking, fishing and much more.
So guys very soon i will put my photos up on the site to share with you all my new lot of work and i hope you all enjoy.
talk to you all soon……..

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