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My name is Delphine de Noire. I am an artist, a work of art, a work in progress. / Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Master Storyteller. / .

Forthcoming Exhibition

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I am happy to announce that I have secured some Gallery Space to exhibit my new body of work.
The venue is the Severn Gallery at Bewdley Museum, Load St, Bewdley, Worcs, England, DY12 2AE.
The exhibition will run from the 2nd March to 28th March 2011 and the gallery is open from Mon – Sun 12.30pm to 4pm.
I would love for you to come and view if you can, it would be lovely to see you there.

I have been volunteering for the Museum for about a year, helping them out in a wide variety of activities. This has helped me overcome serious bouts of depression, agoraphobia and anxiety attacks which I have suffered with all my life. I have always tried, through my Art, to express the emotions caused by the duality of hope and despair that emanates from manic depression.

The exhibition will be entitled ‘Sanctuary’ and will consist of 7 paintings, each of which will reflect the process of this duality through the medium of colour. The expression of these colours are born from being in a dark, heavy and chaotic headspace to then emerging into a calm, meditative and serene state of mind. Each individual piece represents a colour from the rainbow, a time when the duality of dark and light occur in nature. Also the 7 colours of the rainbow follow the 7 colours of the Chakra System in yoga thus connecting nature with the body, mind and spirit through meditation.

Kind regards

Delphine x

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