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My name is Delphine de Noire. I am an artist, a work of art, a work in progress. / Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Master Storyteller. / .

Friends and Lovers

Greetings and Good Morning my dearest and most beloved!
I hope you are feeling very well and wonderful, and I wish you health, wealth and happiness, and absolutely fabulous joie de vivre with all my heart…
Please forgive my delay in writing as I have had rather a lot on my plate of late. But not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and wish I could spend time with you… Please bear with me, a little longer…
You are special and very precious to me…
To know you is to love you, and you make my heart sing! :-)

I will write soon my Beautiful Friend…

Much Love

Delphine x

aka Medusa x

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