Camera Bags

A month ago my Nikon D60 crapped out on me, so I bought a Canon EOS 60D. My Canon is a bit bigger than the Nikon was and I have recently added a battery grip to it, which makes it way bigger.
I have four camera bags; 2 regular shoulder bags, 1 sling style bag, and 1 backpack. I really liked the sling bag but my camera, even without the battery grip attached, barely fits in it with very little room for anything else. And there’s no way I can fit anything but the body of the camera in the regular bags.
With the backpack, I did managed to get the camera to fit in it with the grip and a 70-300mm lens attached but it’s a tight fit. I also got my flash and a 18-135mm lens in it. I’m not really digging it though.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on camera bags? If you could post brands, types, or links, that would be great. Thanks so much in advance.

~ Angela

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