Sidqie Djunaedi

Joined April 2007

I’m a hobbyist turn to a freelancer in the photographic world, with main interests: Landscape, Wedding, Family Portraits, and...

What's photography to you?

A fellow photographer, asked me this question. Why do I choose to jump into this hobby. And why not something else. And what do you hope to achieve?

I’m interested to know what ur answers might be.

For me.
Its about capturing the moment and the beauty, that I experienced, and share it to my family, and friends, and other people who enjoys them.
Why not something else. Owh well … I’m not too good with paintings (my mum does painting, my dad does photography). Not too good with digital works, vector, etc. I guess, I better off clicking off button, setting aperture and shutter speed hehehe … :P

Hope to achieve?
Personal satisfaction, and getting people to appreciate more about what’s happening around them.
And especially, appreciate it more about one’s eyes, that enable us to enjoy things that we see. It such a blessing :)

What about you?

I know this sound exclusively to photography as a medium. But RB consist of artists from various background.
But, changed that ‘photography’ to whatever medium of artworks you use to express yourself. Whether its on writing, vector, painting, etc . I’m very curious :)

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