The Reflection

The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice,

What Gifts!

The warming smile of their faces / As they rise each morning / Secures my beliefs in love and / In the knowledge that God

Stood Still

I stand on this platform / As the 7:30 train approaches / My thoughts suddenly drifting / To another day, another moment

Where dreamers dare to dream

My eyes close / I can see you / Almost touch you

Alas, the rain ends

Shine on dear sun / I welcome you again / To my heart / To my eyes / To the soul of my future

I Take You with Me

Breathe in the now salty air of yesterday / Hear again the waves upon the shore / Feel my hand gently touch upon yours / Days like that, I …

Winter’s Warmth

Winter’s complexion provided her a glow / A radiance of immeasurable proportion

For Haiti

The children are silent / As tears dried the voice / They bed there in rubble / For them, there’s no choice

My Vow

I never could see all of this coming / The power that you’d have over me / A life with just you is one which I’d choose / No other way that…

Sea, She Loves Me

With forceful currents there, possessed / She pushed me fast to shore / As winds had stirred up, at my back / The sea provided cure


Time, allowing me not favor / But, selfishness it seems / As her health fails / And I, I can do nothing

Apology to Martha

From me to you, / Mr Moonlight

The Jellybean War

She would never give up her battle as it would be too much a sacrifice / While he stood his ground and faced her, unwavering, head on

Hearts Apart

Exhausted now, she lays her head / Upon the pillow soft and white / To close her eyes, where tears were shed / While whisp’ring soft, “My l…

Life’s Circumference

The running man / Was stopped / Just before / He could kill the old woman

Wandering Mind

Wait, watch and witness the awakening / As he settles not for pain

Morning Kiss

Oh, to taste the waking kiss of beauty

In Our World

The secret worlds we so well keep / They come alive when fast we sleep

My Last Request

The efforts made of this dying man / Seem vein, at best, indeed / For still I thirst, I hunger more / I cannot stop, I bleed

Satiated (Diatelle)

Cast off inhibitions / Allow yourself to be consumed

Summer’s Death

The evening darkness descends earlier these days / As mornings, too, are ensnared in its blanket of shade

You Deserve More Than Me

Your lips and tongue, they call out / I hear them on the breeze / A voice that’s like no other / That brings me to my knees

Be Real

Touch me / Let not the air of distance / Caress my skin / But, be it your breath

Harmonious Imbalance

We possess a harmonious imbalance; / A teetering of steadiness / Placed on a soft rock.


We are all of one myriad / A selection of multiple colors / With many different shapes / Different sizes

Requited Love

Unto your heart I bequeath my being / A thousand deaths, I’d die for you / As your dear face is all I’m seeing / So, in my heart, I hold yo…

Poet’s Power

Hold back not your words, suppressing your freedom / Let them run freely from the pen to the page

Evening Vigil

She sits by candlelight / Surveying the room for imperfections / Noticing details of life collected through artifacts / And knickknacks tha…

John 4:18

Love freely, be happy / Fear not the true love

I Hope

As silence overcomes the land / The soft reminders of the past / I enjoy the time, the quiet peace / Forever hoping it shall last.

Silent Hold

Hush / Let not words / Disturb the very moment / The peacefulness of this time

Natural Order

Defined by the wind and clouds / The violent storm came upon the shore

Pond of Reflection

Casts not its gaze on me / For there within, there’s no perfection

I Fried That Egg

I sat upon a stone cold wall / Where once an egg did sit

Thirsty Heart

It’s been too long / For as a curse / You now beat strong / For love, you thirst

Can you, today?

Can you truly see within the light / The hearts of men, the souls therein

Come, Dream With Me

So, take my hand my lover true / You hold more than, that which I give


Awakening on this sunny morn / My eyes affixed there to the rising sun / I knew today would be a better day

Buried Alive and Within

I cannot bear to see the face / The man behind those eyes / I’m so controlled by all the fear / By my loud but deafened cries

Ecstasy Awaits

While each breath is exhaled / In synch with the strike of second hands / Patience becomes an unwanted friend

I Swear, I Do

So I grabbed a handful of flowers / From the neighbors backyard growth / And I took them to her and on my knees / I made with her an oath

Pact of Passion

Reveal to me not guilty pleasures / But all the wants you so deserve

The World Needs Poets

We are as much bound to our art / As it is bound to us, within us, ingrained into us.

How Can This Be?

It seems I just took / Giving life to my fingers / To force their way in / Thereby extracting her heart

More Than Words

Profanity / Leaks to the surface / From the depths of innocence

Parental Perennial: The Mother Bloom

With love and expectations / My grandparents placed / Within the trusted soil of life / A seed, a bulb, a dream

Getting to Know You

All it takes is consciousness / The realization that we are small / That there was a beginning prior to the now / And that there will alway…


“Mistress” I cry / as a question, / “what can I do / to please you, / to make you happy?”

Fall Like Rain

Though it seems that the sun has now dimmed / Like your skies have all turned to gray / And the hour is one of remorse and of tears / Accep…

Just Walking Away

I enter passage on this snowy mountain trail, / leaving behind yesterday and all its woes / while searching for tomorrow elsewhere / and we…

Her Love is Strong

She prays he return to her, her heart / For his was love, so meant to be

My Irish Roots

No banshee’s wail, for me, curtail / The gift of gab I share / For the music starts, within me heart, / Of the land of maidens fair

To The Music on the Radio

Majestically the bow would sing on contact / as it danced upon each string.

Cathy and Heathcliff

The moors at night with moonlit glow / You’ll find them there, two hearts that long

I am but a part

Here I stand now, seeing, feeling, being a part of nature / Knowing I am but one shred of the overall beauty of the world

Finding Value

There is no affirmation of self within a shattered mirror

Death, You Arrogant Fool

Death, / You’ve reared your ugly head again / Disguising not your attempts to hurt

My Own Insanity

The walls that are surrounding me are soft and rather bland / Within this jacket, tethered tight, remain my unseen hands


Angered / By the choices of man / I retreat to the solitude / Of my beginning


As day drifts into silent slumber / The sun, itself, tucks away

The Moon and You

The moon that bleeds so, midnights light / Aloft, it summons view / Canvas of stars, twinkling this night / Casts now, a shaded hue

Calming Seas

Without mistake she breathes in deep / The salted air is hers to keep

I Am, No More

Perplexed / Mind is fragmented / As thoughts dare not align

For The Love of Money

He seemed misplaced, not belonging to our area / His shoes were shined, almost new, while a suit he donned

My Road Traveled

By way of road replete with dust / I traveled here to follow dreams

Hanging on Love

The moon surrenders / to the sun, for the mighty / heat it feels. Yet, the sun / asks not then for submission / but offers it its zeal.

Christmas Thanks

Hanging the baubles / Hanging the bows / Hanging the balls / And mistletoes

Escaping Childhood

As images surround the broken child / The dreams of places so far away

Making Dreams Come True

Where breathes the life we so ingest / Of dreams that never manifest?

Know This

Know / Within the deep dormancy of my mind / Lies the truth

Moment (2 syllable style)

Whispers / Her breath

We Are One (Erotic)

She whimpers as the heat of my breath / Enters the orifice of her mind / And she releases the sound / That only love can describe

My Tears Don’t Dry

My eyes, they run, my heart, it shows / My fragile being has no reply / Other than, to cry alone, so often, too / To feel so sorry and wish…

Still in Love

Show me / How it all can be today / How like kids, we still can play / With the smiles we both possess / All the love that we confess

Eternal Sunshine

Yours, is the last face I see each evening / The first face I see when I dream

Can You?

Can you / Say that it’s me you dream of / That I touch you, yet so far

Self Reflection

She is strong now as she looks upon it, she even smiles / Realizing, she is not the reflection of life, but the self within it

Winter’s Guest

By the light of the new fire, I could see his cheeks reddened by the winter’s cold / His hands were still trembling with the release of eac…


Fate, be not a master despised, / But, encourage and respect the hearts / Of us all, to reach through our words

Oh, Damn!

The paradox remains that / No matter how much I wish to love

Mind’s Ebb Tide

I ponder the meaning / Love, life, happiness / Where has time gone? / Where is it going?

In Good Company

Upon the highest mountain top / Within the deepest sea / Next to the apple that just dropped / The Lord remains with thee

I Shall Write Again

My heart is here, though my mind, it is not / Unfortunately, so distant am I from this shore

Fluid Love

Together, the two share the sea / The sand, the surf, the sunset spray

Old Mother Hubbard’s Night

“Stop that scratching!” she yelled, / As the dog was trying to say something

In Return

I feel your being, the strength / Within the person you truly are


Held within a mire of nonconforming ground / Imprisoned there by attitude, the dying will to move

Your New Day

Awaken / Dearest one / Let your eyes open


Insurmountable / These feelings seem to overpower / As your breath seduces me

I’ll Cry with the Angels

I smell on each breeze a reminder of you / The cutting of grass after first morning’s dew / While springtime lilacs may die out and fall / …

I’m Captured

Her beauty calls me, I can’t deny / It makes my heart so hot, it steams / And from my depths, releases cries / Reactions normal, though so …

A want for no tomorrow

You reach to me / Touching the fabric of thought / Inciting the fires of heart

Despite it all

For in her heart, she holds her worth / So valued and protected / So that no man could ever steal / Her dignity, erected

Traveling On

Upon the path my feet do stumble / Into the darkened night this eve / To walk on further, forever trying / So that my life be not deceived

The Hero In You

Though you’re quiet in the darkness / while you hide there from the light / There’s a flame residing in you / that burns forever bright


She basks in sunlight at the open window, / casting elongated shadows upon the floor, / as she tempts the local men to glance.


She is alive in us / As her voice can be heard speaking / Her face will be that which we see in our own reflections

Tomorrow, Today

May tomorrow / Bring the dreams of a thousand days / Into the light of release

I Give you Eden

It is with anticipation that I wander this path today, hand in hand / As I wish to share the beauty of this haven with the one I adore

Dawn Brings Smiles

Good morning, love / It’s been too long / Since night has stolen sight of thee
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