"Remember What You See Here"...Crying Lion Dream Vision

mary catherine young

San Antonio, United States

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The following illustrations beginning with this one are not all inclusive of everything I saw in these three dreams, two of which are recurring ones. These five illustrations are of the parts that struck me most…the crying lion and the dried up barren land and what happened to it that the Native Elder wanted me to remember…there are five illustrations in all.

This first one is of the crying lion and is a new dream from this past week September and October 2009, it has been followed by the other two each time I’ve dreamed it. In this one I was out in a cornfield that was all dried up and flattened as if from a strong wind. The crying lion was at the edge of the field…I knelt down and tried to comfort him…it was a different setting than the other dreams below.

The only thing in this new one was the Lion, the field and the shimmering at the tops of the trees in the distance. The Native Elder was not seen in this dream but I heard his voice speaking in his native tongue(I believe it is Hopi). He said “Remember what you see here” just as he had in those other dreams. I awoke upon hearing this.

Each of the three times I’ve dreamed this new one, I’ve gone back to sleep and dreamed the two dreams below unchanged, just as I have seen them before. There was one exception. The lion remained with me in these. When I walked down to the slope there he was crying and I knelt as before to comfort him.

When the Native Elder appeared the lion remained with us. It was the lion in these latest dreams that first noticed something was happening behind us. When I turned to see what he was looking at, I saw a golden shimmering amongst the trees similar to the first dream of him when he was crying. Then the air became full of golden glittering dust or pollen. I am frankly not sure what it was other than it was breath-takingly beautiful.

These dreams were followed by others also recurring which I will post separately. I believe however, they are all related. Like threads of a finely woven tapestry.

These five illustrations are my effort to show you what I saw. The over-all message of these dreams appears to be one of enduring hope in the midst of great trial. This is why I believe the Native Elder reminds me to “Remember”. I wish I was able to show you the awesome beauty of the golden wind that brought everything back to life. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it, for it tells me that no matter how dark the night, a certain glory will surely come with the morning. I believe this is what I’m being told to remember. It is why I am sharing it with you…no matter how dark the night, glory will surely come with the morning.

Candles&Wheels, my friends!

“Remember What You See Here”________

Date: December 09, 2004 at 00:49:02
From: MCYoung/Tx,
Subject: Two Re-occurring Dreams….

Wednesday December 8,2004 3:59pm(central)

I was walking through an old urban neighborhood. It was in very bad condition…houses with wood-rot and in great disrepair. I saw no people but sensed they were inside these houses. I sensed also that many of them were dead and felt a deep grief, at this inner knowing.

Then the scene changed and now I was walking through an abandoned shopping center parking lot that was filling with warm green ocean water. It appeared to be a high tide coming in from the west. I could see the sun setting in the direction of the ocean.

Another change and now I was standing on the back porch of an old run-down, ramshackle farm house way out in the country somewhere. My mother was inside along with an old native american woman whose husband(kin to my mother)owned the farm.

I went down the steps and walked along a dirt path past some run-down out buildings. Everything was dry and brown. I went through a corn field where the corn and stalks were ruined from drought and wind. The corn was dried and withered on the stalks which were brown and dry. Oddly, most of the field was blown down by the wind.

As I reached a sloping area, I sat down at the top and viewed the entire scene with sadness akin to sorrow. The corn field extended down the slope to the edge of a meadow where the grass was short, dry and brown. Across the meadow was a stand of trees and they too were dry, leafless, and brown.

Sitting atop the slope I gazed at the whole scene taking it in…rows of corn laying flat upon the ground looking like dry, parched waves frozen in place. As I sat there pondering this scene, an old native american man appeared standing at my side. His face was very old and wrinkled. He was dressed in a white ceremonial shirt and pants with colorful designs embroidered upon them. In his hand was a large fan-like thing made of eagle feathers.

He stood next to me in silence and then quietly said, “Remember what you see here.”

“What has happened to cause all this?” I asked, “Everything is all dry and ruined?”

He remained silent for awhile longer then spoke again saying “Remember what you see here.”

We stood there in silence for a long while. I was comforted by his presence.

Then from behind us the wind began to blow. It was strong and warm and the dry cornstalks made a crackling sound.

(Note: in these new dreams the lion is with us. He notices something behind us so I turned to look)

To my surprise and wonder the air became filled with sparkling golden things like tiny golden pollen or something similar. Millions of these glittering particles came blowing in on the wind over the tops of the trees.

They blew down the slope of dried corn on across the meadow and into the trees beyond. Everything in their wake began turning green and lush. Many different colored wildflowers sprang up in brilliant bloom across the meadow. The trees began to sprout green buds and leaves. The corn began turning green and one stalk after another rose up from their flattened state. I was absolutely amazed at this beautifully awesome transformation.
It was like watching time-lapse photographry of plants growing.

“What is happening?” I said turning to the old man, but he was gone.(and so was the lion) I stood there astonished with only his words echoing in my mind, “Remember what you see here.”

Date: December 09, 2004 at 01:33:14
From: MCYoung/Tx,

Wednesday, December 8,2004 5:00pm(central) Dream#2………..Crying Lion

I was standing in a field at night under a full moon with a large male lion at my side. The lion is crying, wailing and his eyes are full of emotional pain. Extremely moved by his distress, I knelt down and hugged him. He kept wailing and looking toward a nearby stand of trees, as if he wanted me to go over there to see. I looked over there and could tell something was happening, so I went over to investigate.

There was a strange movement at the top of the trees. Looking closer, I realized it was a strange shimmering movement, like a vibrating of the tree-tops. There was also an aura which shimmered/vibrated just above the tree tops. All of this plus the full moon which lit up the field brightly seemed to be partly why the lion was crying. The lion seemed to know this(shimmering)was the beginning of something very sad and frightening, but he was too overwrought to tell me what it was.

Then a shift in the dream and now I am in a small rural town with my mother, niece, and a friend(now deceased). We are returning to our small motel apartment after a visit with other family about 9 blocks away.

Just as we got to the door, Mama stopped and looked all around and said, “I’m feeling very odd right now…something’s not right.”

I too was feeling a premonition of something not being right but said I didn’t know what. Mama looked out across an open field next to our motel apartment which was at the end of the building. After a long silence she said, “Yes! something is about to happen…we better pack our clothes and get ready!”

My niece said, “What is it Granny?” Mama told her to go inside and pack her “Emergency Bag” because we will have to leave quickly.

As is often the case, I was awakened by a loud electronic sound in my ear, so I do not know what my mother was sensing. The dream of the Native Elder and the crying lion were fresh on my mind and I could still hear him quietly saying “Remember what you see here.”


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