The wierdest place i've ever gone for a photo...

Now, this might be a better topic for the forums… but I thought I would start this discussion as a blog and people can tell me what they think.

Over the past couple of days… I have been contemplating where I have gone and what I have done to get the perfect picture. Sadly… I haven’t gone trekking into the jungles of the Amazon or climbed into the sewers of Paris, but I have gone to great lengths to find some beautiful and intriguing images in my home town.

The first that comes to mind is a photograph of a kitten curled up in the dumpster of my local highschool… i took the picture while working on a story about the ferrel cats and animals that lived around my inner city school.

The second most memorable place I have taken photos was while I was working on a story about the homeless population in my area… It was really intense to go into the homeless camps under bridges to take photos of the poverty… and it was very difficult, morally and emotionally.

So, please, tell me about some of your most memorable experiences while taking photography! i would love to hear any story you have to tell…

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