Son of a ...

“Mc” = son of
“Nurgle” = ancient deity.

“Mc” is the Irish format for ‘son of’.
“Nurgle” Now more commonly known in relation to GW’s Warhammer game franchise.

Please note I feel the Wikipedia entry for Nurgle is wrong. Nurgle was in my opinion written by the GW fluff creators to be more than just a mindless force of nature (Chaos) like the other four powers of Chaos. And I’m including the Emperor as a Chaos Daemon as a part of the four others. Happy to debate that with any fluff geeks out there. My reference is the DW fluff codex for Nurgle. I have a well read copy.

Nurgle realises that at the end of days even Nurgle will be destroyed by his own power of decay. That is after the other four powers have already succumbed.

It is a with an Audrey Hepburn type, wispy smile that Nurgle knows it is all going to end the same for all of us.

In real life, Nurgle was a Babylonian deity representing ancestor veneration. Not worship of ancestors but a recognition that tradition is important as a tool to ensure that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. May haps early precursor to Buddhism? No one really cares now.

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